Pregnancy Tips

  • Your Pregnancy Guide to The Gym

    10 machines you should and shouldn’t use at the gym when expecting.

    Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    Need a workout that will keep you active and fit throughout pregnancy? You may find that pregnancy and all the (not so) fun side effects that come with it slow you down. But lucky for you, that is no reason to put your gym membership on ice. You just have to approach your workouts, new or old, with caution.

    The gym may feel intimidating at first, but fear not, we’ve got the goods on the machines that are safe (and those that aren’t), plus the best classes, cardio and weight training for pregnant women. Here’s your pregnant woman guide to the gym.

    Treat with caution or don’t use.

    1. Abdominal Bench. As the name suggests, this bench, which is usually on an angle and works your abs, is target for your core. While you are pregnant, don’t push yourself too much. There are gentler ways to maintain some core strength.

    2. Bench press. Whenever you see guys lying on their backs and grunting trying to push out that barbell with several hundreds of pounds on it, keep walking. After the first trimester, lying on your back is strongly discouraged and you...


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  • The Squeaky Clean Cheat Sheet

    From bath time to mealtime and everything in between, we all want to keep baby as safe as possible. But with deceiving labels and so many products out on the market, sometimes it’s not so easy to decipher what’s really safe for baby.

    Thanks to our friends at Well Rounded NY for this cheat sheet to refer to whenever you're shopping for anything going near baby's skin. 

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  • How to Have a Mother Blessing

    And what happened when we experienced this pregnancy tradition first hand.

    Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    Not a day goes by at Well Rounded without some discussion of pregnancy, birth, babies and all the other lovely things that go alongside. And yet, when my co-founder Kaity and managing editor Charlene became pregnant (and due just a week apart!), I was at a loss of how to honor them.

    I had so many ideas, and yet none seemed to truly fit. Until I came across an Instagram post that literally stopped me in my tracks: a glowing pregnant woman, on the verge of welcoming her baby into the world, being celebrated by her mama community in the most sacred, honest and beautiful way. It was called a Mother Blessing.

    It was clear from the images that this was no dainty baby shower. There was song, prayer, affirmations, love and humor. Oh and flowers. So many flowers! What better way to transition a mom-to-be into motherhood, especially the second time around?


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  • Third Trimester Style Hacks

    5 styles for your last 5 (huge) weeks.

    Article & Photos courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    Somewhere around halfway through your pregnancy, your belly finally pops and it’s so cute and fun to dress. And then it gets bigger. And bigger. And just when you think it can’t possibly get any bigger….it does. Your favorite maternity shirts suddenly become crop tops, and your flirty maternity shifts barely cover your booty. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 styles that we promise will work for your last 5 weeks of pregnancy.

    1. Jumpsuit. There’s no time like pregnancy to get into your first jumpsuit. It gives you instant style, loads of comfort, and lots and lots of room to grow. You’ll also love it postpartum when the thought of anything touching your… well, anything, just won’t fly. Hatch Collection Chloe Jumper, $298. Buy it here.


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  • 6 New (or Nearly New) Pregnancy Books That Make Life Better

    The most helpful (and humorous) pregnancy books of the year.

    Article & Photos courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    When I was around 20 weeks pregnant with my first child, a friend gave me a copy of What To Expect When You’re Expecting. A page in, I got so overwhelmed by the breadth of information I had already missed, I stood on my couch and shoved the book as high up on the bookshelf as I could manage, hoping never to lay eyes on it again.

    Whether you’re working full time outside the home or full time at home, and whether you’re on your first, second, even third pregnancy, making time to educate yourself on what’s happening to your body during pregnancy can feel not only indulgent, but panic-inducing, if not impossible. But as hospitals sweep aside maternal care in favor of infant care, pregnancy books and prenatal education are now more important than ever.

    These 6 books for preggos – five of which were published this year – offer the kind of insight, humor, and/or relief I so craved during my last pregnancy. Luckily, 31 weeks into my second, it isn’t too late to read up and try again!

    The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People by Jordan Reid and Erin Williams

    This book was just a pure and hilarious pleasure. The intro alone lowered my blood pressure! Many of us spend at least half our pregnancy trying really hard to be our healthiest best selves and the other half feeling guilty about all that we aren’t doing right...


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  • Plant-based Proteins for Pregnancy

    Four “low-steaks” ways to up your protein intake.

    Article & Photo Courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    We all know that eating adequate protein is important–not only for us but also for the growing baby.  In recent years, there has been a shift towards incorporating dietary plant protein consumption versus animal protein due to the nature of our food supply and food quality.

    One of the biggest reasons health professionals are advocating plant protein during pregnancy and also why concepts such as #meatlessmonday are gaining popularity is due to the fact that animal protein has to be cooked and thus denatured (food safety protocol) before consumption–therefore you’re not getting the total protein from the original piece of meat. Because food safety is especially important during pregnancy, it is important to cook thoroughly before consumption. In addition, it’s harder on the body to digest animal protein, which could cause discomfort during pregnancy since our GI system slows down as the pregnancy progresses. Therefore, increasing plant protein during pregnancy is encouraged!

    Believe it or not, plant protein sources are abundant.  The most common ones are legumes, nuts and seeds.  So If you’ve been following a vegetarian or vegan diet, have no fear! You could continue the dietary pattern healthfully during your pregnancy and here’s how:

    1. Incorporate legumes into your soups or baked dishes.  Consider chickpeas instead of lean ground beef or turkey for a burger patty.  Use black beans as a base for your brownies. Add kidney beans or white cannelloni beans to your soups and stews.  Whip up some hummus for a snack.  Incorporating legumes into a variety of dishes will keep you full and provide adequate dietary protein.


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