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  • 10 Summer Foods To Eat During Pregnancy

    Beat the heat with these 10 summer foods.

    Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    If you’re pregnant, the idea of a barbecue-filled summer is probably making you sweat. Well, good news mamas: hot weather may be uncomfortable and, well, hot, but it comes with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that are refreshing and that contain essential nutrients for your health and baby’s. What’s more, they keep you satiated and hydrated during the warmer months. So summer is actually the perfect time to pack your meals with healthier, more nutritious foods. To help you get the most out of your summer feasts, we’ve compiled a list of summer pregnancy must-eats.

    Here are 10 summer foods that every pregnant women should eat.

    1. Microgreens are part of the leafy green family. They are tasty, versatile and nutritious. Microgreens contain Vitamin C and E (antioxidant), which will help you keep your...


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  • 14 Common Tests During Pregnancy

    Here’s what you should expect from prenatal tests and screenings.

    Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    Getting pregnant can throw even the savviest mom into an unfamiliar world of medical and technical jargon. With so many tests, doctors poking and prodding at you, and strangers groping your belly, it can be very disorienting. Here’s a pocket guide to prenatal testing, so you know what to expect, what to watch out for, and which questions to ask.


    1. Urine test: Get ready to pee in lots and lots of cups, ladies. You’ll be doing a sample at just about every exam from here on out. The first one is to confirm your pregnancy by measuring your hCG levels. The subsequent tests are to check for urinary tract infections, preeclampsia, and gestational diabetes.

    2. Sequenom/MaterniT 21 test: The MaterniT 21 PLUS is a non-invasive prenatal test that screens the expectant mom’s blood for specific irregularities, such as trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), trisomy 18(Edwards syndrome) and...


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  • The Misconception of the “Mom Badge”

    You are so much more than a mom.

    Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    These days, there is a lot to be said about the roles of women. We’re taking a stand for who we are and what we’re deserving of. But I have found some of these conversations tricky to navigate, knowing that a lot of people see my Mom badge before they see any others.

    And yet, the role of mom encompasses so many things; I spend my days swapping between a teacher, advisor, chauffeur, chef, friend, co-worker, and yes, even butt-wiper. Although they are part of my experience as a mother, they were no doubt things I was doing before the blessed event that changed my life (well, with the exception of “butt-wiper”).

    We mothers are powerful and complicated creatures. We are layered and we are complex… just like we were before we had babies...


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  • 5 Healthy Habits to Boost Fertility

    Getting pregnant’s about more than just the sex.

    Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    Fertility isn’t just about having sex at the right time with the right person. It’s also about habits — healthy habits. That’s right, your fertility is an extension of your health, and when all the pillars of mental, emotional and physical health align, many people see a positive shift in their baby-making potential. So if you are having a hard time conceiving, you may just need to kick a couple of bad habits to the curb. Here are 5 habits you can adopt today to better your health and rejuvenate your fertility.

    1. Sleep enough. Study after study shows us that a lack of sleep affects our health indices on every level. When we don’t sleep enough, our body doesn’t have time to restore, nor does it feel...


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  • 9 Tips to Naturally Boost Your Immunity During Pregnancy

    Pregnant women are particularly susceptible to illness during pregnancy because of their compromised immune system. The stress that pregnancy puts on a pregnant body is intense, which means you need to be proactive about keeping your immune system strong. Fortunately, there are many ways to step up your immune system’s functioning while pregnant. Here are nine all-natural ways to stay healthy and vibrant during pregnancy.  

    Stay hydrated to keep your body’s systems in top shape. A pregnant woman needs about 2.5 liters of water of day to stay properly hydrated. When your body is hydrated, it means that your cells are getting the oxygen they need to perform well. Water also flushes toxins from your system and helps produce lymph, which circulates white blood cells and nutrients throughout your body.

    Go back to basics and remind yourself to wash your hands. Everyone always remembers to wash their hands, right? Whether or not you do, now is the time to be vigilant about hand-washing. Washing with soap and water will help remove the bacteria and germs that accumulate on your hands as you go about your day. Always wash after using the bathroom, preparing foods, eating meals, and moving through public spaces where you’re touching the same surfaces other people touch (like the subway or bus). If you’re on top of proper washing, you can ditch antibacterial soaps and harsh sanitizers.

    Sleep during pregnancy might be a dream, but try to get a decent night’s rest. As you progress in your pregnancy, your sleep is likely to be interrupted or difficult to come by, period. But try your best to get a proper night’s sleep every night. Sleep deprivation can negatively affect your immune system’s functioning, and over time, it can be hard to fully repair. For better sleep, choose one side to rest on (don’t sleep on your back), use a full body pillow, spring for a calming white noise machine, or take soothing warm baths before bedtime.

    Your immune system stays healthy with physical activity. Regular exercise does wonders for your entire body, and your immune system is no exception. Recent studies show that moderate exercise leads to an increase in white blood cells: the ones that circulate through your body to fight off infections. Aside from the immunity-boosting benefits, physical activity while pregnant is important to maintain a healthy weight, build stamina, and reduce stress.

    Have a good laugh for a healthier immune system. The saying goes that “laughter is the best medicine,” and research has shown that this advice might hold some weight. According to one study, “our physiology changes when we laugh. Our pulse and blood pressure go up, we breathe faster, and we send more oxygen to our tissues.” All of these effects have positive impacts on the immune system, so find a friend to giggle with or a silly movie to laugh over.

    Probiotics are the friendly bacteria to include in your diet. Find a food like yogurt, which contains probiotics, to add to your pregnancy diet. Probiotics aid your body in digestion and colon detoxification, both of which have an impact on a keeping your immune system healthy. Yogurt has other pregnancy health benefits, too, like a high serving of calcium and vitamin D.

    Up your garlic intake for a simple, natural immune boost. Garlic has a long history as a wonder-food for maintaining good health. Raw garlic is particularly potent: a single clove contains over 100 sulfuric compounds (along with a high dose of calcium and potassium), which can kill bacteria in the body. If you can’t stomach eating a clove of raw garlic, you can still reap its benefits by seasoning your favorite meals with the spice.

    Soak up sunshine for a healthier immune system. Aside from putting a smile of your face, a moderate dose of sunshine can benefit your health, too. The rays of the sun trigger your skin’s production of vitamin D, which is crucial to maintaining an immune system that can fight infections. It’s also important to note that when you’re pregnant, your skin is more sensitive to the sun, so be sure to limit full summer exposure to short bursts of 10-15 minutes and wear a natural, pregnancy-safe sunscreen.

    Vitamin C is another superstar for immune health. Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid and is an antioxidant that can protect your system from free radicals. Unlike some other vitamins, vitamin C is easy to find in a variety of fruits and vegetables. Eating a vitamin C-rich diet will also give your body an abundance of other vitamins and minerals necessary for the healthy development of your baby.

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  • Crab Cake Recipe for Pregnancy

    There’s a new cookbook to feed your pregnancy symptoms away.

    Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    Every new mother-to-be gets a laundry list of things that she can’t eat when she’s pregnant. What about all the yummy things that she can (and should!) eat? Proper nutrition during pregnancy and after delivery is so critical — your body’s working so hard! Eating healthy foods not only makes sense, but also can lessen some major pregnancy discomforts, like nausea, water retention and cramping.

    Taking a “food-as-medicine” approach, Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh, nutrition experts for SELF Magazine and registered dieticians, have released a cookbook designed to help you take the guesswork out of what you’ll need to fuel up pre- and post-partum. The best part about Healthy, Happy Pregnancy Cookbook is that it’s organized by what you really care about: relieving those less than lovely pregnancy symptoms. I totally needed “Chapter One: I’m Gonna Hurl…But I’m Still Hungry” when I was pregnant — in fact, I probably could’ve written a book with the same title. Other chapters include “My Chest Is On Fire” (heartburn) and “I’m Officially a Walking Snack Machine” (for nursing mamas).

    I’m not much of a chef, so I really appreciated the fact that all of the 120-plus recipes in this book require just a handful of easy-to-find ingredients, are fairly quick to make, and don’t call for any fancy equipment or advanced cooking skills. Here’s one of my favorite recipes:

    Barley Crab Cakes (serves 4)

    6 teaspoons olive oil, divided
    ½ cup shredded carrots
    ½ cup shredded zucchini
    ½ cup shredded onion
    ½ teaspoon sweet paprika
    ½ teaspoon ground turmeric


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