Things We've Read: Week of June 20th, 2016

Phone-Sick At Camp (NY Times): "Camp is a sacred space to unplug and be able to learn independence and social skills." Get ready for camp season by trying one tech-free day per week.

What Every Parent Needs To Know About Water Safety (Huff Post): “Parents have to recognize a person who is drowning within 20 to 60 seconds.”

Choosing A School For My Daughter In A Segregated City (NY Times): How one school became a battleground over which children benefit from a separate and unequal system

Why Is American Home Birth So Dangerous? (NY Times): And what can we to make it safer?

The "Cheerio Challenge" Is Proof We Are Living In The Golden Age of Dad Jokes (BuzzFeed): Fun fact if you ever want to try the Cheerio Challenge--the current record is 16 Cheerios in a single stack!

Why Handwriting Is Still Essential In the Keyboard Age (NY Times): Teach children to be hybrid writers and increase activation of various brain functions

Emoji Women Can Now Get Pregnant, But They Still Can't Work (Slate): The push for more female emojis