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  • 5 Super Cool Kids Fashion Brands

    Clothes that both you and kiddo will love!

    Article & Photos courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    Do you fall into a shopping rabbit hole every time you look for kid’s clothes? Don’t worry, we do too — all the time. After all, there is a lot to think about when choosing outfits for your little ones: budget, quality, ethics and whether or not it will allow them to express their style and personality. Plus, there are so many new and original kids brands out there, that it’s hard to sift through all of them. To help you out in your search, we compiled a list of children’s clothing brands that you should have on your radar. So close your gazillion browser tabs: here are 5 kids fashion brands you need to know about.

    1. Art & Eden. What’s better than a children’s clothing brand that’s playful and whimsical and that is taking a stance? Art & Eden crafts its clothes ethically with organic fabrics and fair-trade practices. It also gives back a portion of its sales to support a program that provides needed nutrition and medication to children in Central America. Plus, their prints are made in collaboration with artists around the world. How cool is that? Check it out here.


    2. Rockets of Awesome. With this kids clothing subscription service, it’s like Christmas four times a year! Each season, Rockets of Awesome delivers 8 to 12 clothes to your door, and you only pay for the items that you keep. No membership fee required! Not only do you save time not shopping, the system has an algorithm that helps accommodate your little one’s ever-changing style. Plus, kids absolutely love choosing from the fun selection of clothes, and they’ll get to color the box that everything comes in.


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  • Baby Fashion (0-6mos.) Fall Edition

    Leaves are falling, the air is crisp, and pumpkin spice is everywhere. Fall is here, and it’s the very first one for your new baby! You’ve probably already begun collecting cold-weather coats, hats, and snuggly blankets for the change of season. Once you’ve covered the bases, it’s time to get fun with your baby’s clothing. Why not make your baby’s first autumn extra-special by dressing her in the season’s latest fashion? Trips to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch are even better when you and your baby are enjoying autumn in style. Girl or boy, there are a collection of trends to follow this fall. Make sure your baby’s clothes are thoroughly on-point!  

    Ruffle your baby up. The most stylish infant clothes are adorned with frilly ruffles this autumn. Dainty dresses are always adorable on a brand-new baby girl, but don’t stop at a ruffled dress. Look for delicate decorative ruffles on sleeves, collars, and down pants legs. Jackets and sweaters with ruffles are perfect for keeping baby cozy as the temperature drops, while keeping her up on the current trends. Bonus points for snatching up a ruffled receiving blanket for chilly evening stroller rides.

    ruffle it up

     Look for lace all over the place. Lacy accents are normally found on special-occasion-only baby clothing. This fall, seek out lace on everyday wear, like bodysuits, leggings, sweaters, and baby accessories. Decorative lace overlays are lovely for autumn, but so are lace trimmings on hemlines and delicate lace headbands. When you shop for lacy babywear, run the fabric over the back of your hand to be certain that it won’t be too itchy or irritating against you little one’s sensitive skin.

    lace accents are in

    Dress for the great outdoors - even if you’d rather stay inside. Wild woodland themes are all over baby clothes this fall, matched with wonderfully rich earthen tones. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been camping in your life, you can still dress your baby in this season’s mountain and forest motifs. Woodland critters like foxes, owls, fawns, and bears pop up in beautiful patterns, as well as designs evocative of late-night s’more roasting and hikes in autumnal woods. You know your baby is a little animal, so embrace that with the fall’s wilderness trend.

    dress for the great outdoors...even when staying in

    Red, orange, and yellow are autumnal staples, but don’t forget pink. Soft, dusty pink is everywhere this fall. The dusky hue matches well with the darker palette that shorter autumnal days invite. Find unexpected ways to dress your baby in this hot fall shade, like rosy booties to keep tiny toes warm or a pink bodysuit layered under a cardigan. When you’re out with infants, it’s crucial to keep a back-up outfit in the diaper bag (in case of spit-up, diaper issues, or food stains, just to name a few possible issues), so be sure to get an extra dusty pink shirt or two to carry with you if the first outfit fails.

    dusty pink is an autumnal staple color

    Pick bold patterns for your fierce little one. Fearless floral patterns are especially popular this autumn, but also find checks and plaids for your fashionable infant. Infant clothing usually tends toward gentle motifs and light colors, so choosing a piece with strong designs will make a major statement. Pair checked shirts with solid bottoms, or oversized polka dots with a simple onesie. These patterns are particularly well-suited to your little girl’s first tiny swing dress, when it’s time to get fancy, or a baby boy’s first dapper party shirt.

    pick bold print for your fierce little one

    Remember to bring layers to keep your baby cozy. When it comes to following fall baby trends, outerwear isn’t an exception. Faux-fur is popping up everywhere this autumn. Furry coats and vests will give your tiny trendsetter a polished look, especially in luxuriant cream or off-white shades. The details on these pieces really stand out, so pay attention for the cutest buttons, clasps, and toggles to complete the look. Faux-fur lined bunting and one-pieces are also perfect for the coldest autumn days, out and about.

    keep baby cozy in layers

    Baby clothing safety is always in style. As you piece together your infant’s perfect fall wardrobe, remember that it’s important to keep an eye out for possible safety risks. Remove drawstrings from baby’s clothing, as the strings can catch on cribs, seats, swings and other furniture. Also, be aware of tiny, detachable adornments on clothing items, like rhinestones, jewels, buttons, and other decorative pieces. These can fall off and become a choking hazard, so check the clothing to make sure that pieces are still attached.

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  • Baby Fashion: Headbands

    Because it’s never too early to accessorize.

    Putting a baby into a headband is one of those trends you either love or loathe. We’re kind of loving it at the moment, and with the right headband, we think you will too. We’ve rounded up a collection of some of our favorite headband makers, all of which feature unique styles, cool patterns and fun colors. So start accessorizing.

    Article & Photos courtesy of Well Rounded NY

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  • Babywearing Outerwear

    6 babywearing jackets to keep you carrying all winter long.

    Article & Photos courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    Cold temps are about to be here, but that’s no reason to hunker down indoors. Get out there, mama, and bring baby with you! But don’t try to babywear with your regular winter jacket; trust us, that zipper will never hold. If you don’t want to spend your days McGuyver-ing a coverup to bridge the gap between coat and baby carrier (you don’t), try one of these babywearing outerwear options instead and you’ll stay cozy and warm all winter long.

    B & Me Booker Coat
    This sporty fleece number will be your go-to as the temps drop, and the perfect under layer on those frigid winter days. $185


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  • The Emotional Lifecycle of a Onesie

    7 feelings you’ll experience from buying to retiring those tiny baby clothes.

    Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

    Before a baby arrives, we build a picture of them in our imagination, evocative and alluring, captivating us whenever we have a moment for reflection. There’s nothing more suggestive of the mysterious newborn to be than their tiny baby clothes. The adorable patterns, simple and luxurious textures, even their glorious smells wrap us up in the deliciousness of our baby and the promise of the future. As new moms, we ride an emotional wave during the child’s first year, and the lifecycle of their clothing captures all of it in a nutshell.

    Rarely do we consider the feelings that are evoked by newborn baby clothes. Intense expectation, haunting nostalgia, a million shades of wonderful coupled with a tinge of sadness. All of it is part of the first year. Here are the 7 phases in the emotional lifecycle of a onesie.

    1. Anticipation. Even the most superstitious family is likely to buy a few key pieces of clothing before a baby is born. Onesies, pajamas and gowns, and blankets. All of them purchased when the baby is but a dream, possibly before we know the gender, and before there’s even a name. We could stare at those garments for hours, trying to envision the squirming bundle that will inhabit them shortly.

    2. Celebration. Once the baby is born you will receive lots of clothing, all sizes, all seasons, every style, many of it not your style. I recall a particular crushed velvet jacket that I simply couldn’t touch too many times because I was enraptured. I loved everything about it, from its smell to the depth of color. My son wore it twice, as spit up and velvet didn’t really go together that well. But it sent me on a reverie I remember to this day. You’ll also get plenty of items that won’t be quite right and that will eventually lead you to feelings of….

    3. Frustration. You’ll spend a lot of time managing clothing returns, figuring out what she’s outgrown and what has a week or two of wear left. If you line up everything by size in the closet as I did, your child will outgrow half of the wardrobe by mid-year. The season won’t align with his sizes, some items seem forever too big, and a few will be worn for a week or two. You’ll be in and out of stores, trying to remember how much money you have left in credit at this or that place. It will all be a blur.

    4. Mastery. As you make your way through the clothing gifts, and get to know whether your child is big or small for their age, how certain brands size their clothing, you’ll become an expert on what will work. You’ll love the things YOU buy.

    5. Nostalgia. Around this time you’ll start to retire lots of clothing, storing items away for future siblings. It’s not always easy to give up these old friends. Memories haunt them. She wore this dress to meet Aunt Clara, that gown when he was in the hospital, this onesie the first time he had a fever. As the seasons change, you say goodbye to what are now favorites. You wonder when you’ll see them again.

    6. Recycling. With each pregnancy, mothers revisit the magic of the layette. I’ve had three sons, spaced roughly 18 months apart, so I’ve been in and out of the baby boxes many times and I’ve shared those special pieces with my sister who also has a boy.

    7. Rekindling. Just recently, we were cleaning the basement and happened upon a forgotten stash of newborn clothes. Our boys are now 16, 14, 13 and 11 and many many onesies were collected along the way. What intense joy and sadness upon reacquaintance with their clothing. How could my son, now 6 ft. 3, have inhabited those baby shoes? Where did all the time go? Our boys will too quickly become men, as our memories scramble to get themselves in order. Hold on to some of those beloved items, the ones that take you back to the early days of motherhood, with all of its powerful associations, the ones you want etched in your mind forever.

    This article is by Renee Bock, courtesy of Well Rounded NY.  Conceived with love by former magazine editors Jessica Pallay and Kaity Velez, Well Rounded NY aims to be the singular pregnancy resource for city-savvy moms-to-be. Through reviews, profiles, expert Q&As, local guides and more, Well Rounded curates the New York City pregnancy and helps its readers come to terms – and term! – with pregnancy in the city.


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  • Cold Weather Essentials For Mom & Baby

    March has arrived, yet it seems like the cold is only getting harsher! We know how tough it can be to keep you and your baby comfortable when out-and-about in the cold. Stay warm and protected with these cold weather essentials, so you can ensure as much comfort and agility through the rest of these frigid days.

    Braving the whipping winter winds with your little one requires a bevy of must-have tools to keep you both safe and comfortable when you’re on-the-go, including:

    For Baby

    • A snug fitting winter hat that covers your baby’s ears
    • Mittens—they’re easier to slip on little hands
    • A thick winter coat with sleeves that taper at the wrist
    • Baby leg warmers to add layered warmth on a particularly chilly day
    • Nine Naturals Repairing Body Balm to treat your baby’s Jack Frost-kissed skin
    • A warm stroller blanket or BundleMe to keep body heat in and the cold out
    • A waterproof stroller cover to slip on during rain, sleet, or snow
    • Shoes that cover your baby’s ankles—snow boots or rain boots during periods of wet weather
    • Nine Naturals Natural Sunscreen SPF 32 to shield your baby from the sun’s harmful rays

    For Mom

    • A warm winter coat that extends past your waist and can zip or button up high on your neck
    • Ear muffs or a snug fitting hat that will keep you warm but not interfere with your ability to hear clearly
    • A heavy-knit scarf that is both easy to put on and remove
    • Nine Naturals Unscented Moisturizing Body Cream to lock in moisture
    • Smart touch gloves, which allow you to answer a phone call or send a text without exposing your digits to the elements
    • Sunglasses to shield your eyes from the bright winter sun
    • Nine Naturals Simply Natural Lip Balm to treat painfully chapped lips
    • A stocked diaper bag with saline wipes for runny noses, alcohol-free hand sanitizer, hand warmers to slip in your coat pocket, and a baby bottle filled with water to keep your precious one hydrated
    • The Dark Sky App —available on your iPhone or iPad—provides you with up to the minute weather condition reports, allowing you to decide if you should head out or stay inside for the day

    What are some of your favorite ways of staying warm in the cold weather?


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