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  • The Best Strollers of 2017

    Shopping for a baby stroller is simple, right? You’d only answer “yes” to that question if you’ve never been stroller-shopping before. Browse online or at any baby store, and you’ll find endless options for every possible strolling wish, need, and desire. Which ones blow past the bluster and actually live up to their high praise or fancy-sounding name? Which stroller is the one that all your pregnant friends are snatching up? No need to steel yourself for hours of research—we’ve gone ahead and done that for you. Here’s what we found: the five best strollers you can buy in 2017, and who they’re most suited for.  

    Baby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller

    This award-winning stroller is lightweight, compact, and made of the highest-quality materials, which means it’s tough enough to withstand any manner of city terrain.

    Safety: The City Mini has a five-point safety harness and 50+ UV multi-position canopy.
    Style: This well-designed stroller blends seamlessly into upscale city sidewalks.
    Weight: 17.6 lbs
    Foldability: Easily foldable with an ultra-compact auto-lock fold for travel or storage.
    Flexibility for twins or additional siblings of different sizes: A glider board is available for separate purchase, and can be attached for older siblings to hop on and scoot along.
    Other: The City Mini has a multi-position recline, ranging from infant-friendly full recline to slight recline for naptime on-the-go. The City Mini can become part of a travel system using a car seat adapter or additional pram attachment.  
    Price: $259.99
    Bonus points: This one’s best for city-living.

      Bugaboo Donkey

      The Bugaboo Donkey is a high-functioning stroller that is made to grow and adapt to your family’s ever-changing needs.

      Safety: The Donkey has a foot-operated brake with heavy-duty air-filled tires and all-wheel suspension.
      Style: We all know that strollers for multiples can be bulky or unwieldy, but the Donkey uses space efficiently and has a smart look, no matter how many diaper bags you’re towing.
      Weight: 33.4 with 2 seats.
      Foldability: The stroller is foldable and has a carry handle.
      Flexibility for twins or additional siblings of different sizes: The Bugaboo Donkey transitions easily from mono (one baby), duo (a baby and an older toddler), to twin. You choose the set to purchase, and when you need to upgrade the space, it’s done in a matter of easy clicks.   
      Other: With the interchangeable seats, storage, and bassinets, there are actually a whopping 17 different configurations you can choose from, given your need of the moment. The seats are reclinable, reversible, and are carseat compatible.
      Price: $1399-$1979.
      Bonus points: This one’s best for for twins.

        Stokke Xplory

        The Stokke Xplory looks simple enough, but its design is intended for maximum interaction and connection between you and your little one as you stroll.

        Safety: The stroller includes a five point safety harness and adjustable footrests and handles for safe maneuvering.
        Style: The Stokke has a sleek design with a minimalist feel, though it doesn’t skimp on necessary accessories like a canopy, cup holder and underseat storage.
        Weight: 18 lbs.
        Foldability: This stroller folds well and the frame is made of lightweight aluminum, which makes it easy to tote around.
        Flexibility for twins or additional siblings of different sizes: The Stokke is for a single passenger.
        Other: This stroller is height adjustable, so the child seat can be raised to parent eye level, or lowered for rest time, or anything in between.
        Price: $1,225.00
        Bonus points: This one’s best for travel.

          Bumbleride Speed

          A durable jogging stroller, the Bumbleride Speed is made for heavy-duty use for on-the-go parents.

          Safety: A five-point harness, air-filled tires, foot brake, and all-wheel suspension make sure you’re in control of your little one’s safest ride.
          Style: Eco-fabrics and an aluminum frame show off the intention that was put into designing this stroller. No matter where you use it, the stroller has a nice look that meshes function with style.
          Weight: 24 lbs.
          Foldability: The stroller folds easily and stands up folded (one of those little-known stroller perks!) but the large wheels do add a small amount of bulk.
          Flexibility for twins or additional siblings of different sizes: The Bumbleride is for a single passenger.
          Other: This is your go-too jogging stroller and has several accessories that can be used for a day outside, like attachable parent pack and full rain cover.
          Price: $549.
          Bonus points: This one’s best for your outdoorsy lifestyle.

            UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

            This versatile stroller combines form and function into a multitasking piece of gear that you’ll keep for years, no matter how your family grows.

            Safety: The stroller has a five-point safety harness and shock-absorbing rear and front suspension for a smooth, safe ride.
            Style: The UPPAbaby has a classic design that won’t go out of style.
            Weight: 27.5 lbs.
            Foldability: A one-step fold easily collapses the stroller for transport or storage.
            Flexibility for twins or additional siblings of different sizes: The Vista is a multitasking godsend for mothers of multiple children. It easily expands to accommodate a baby and older sibling, with additional adapters. It also accommodates twins, allowing for two bassinets or car seats to attach to the frame. The Piggyback ride-along adapter even lets you transport up to three children at once.
            Other: The UPPAbaby Vista includes a bassinet that can be used from birth, along with the toddler seat and frame, so there’s no need to get a new stroller as your baby grows. It has an extra large storage basket along with removable, washable fabric that’s easy to clean.
            Price: $839.99 - $879.99
            Bonus points: This one’s your “forever” stroller.

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            • Cool Baby Gear Coming in 2017

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              We love a tried and true product that we can turn to baby after baby, and sometimes, after baby again. But with every season comes new innovation in safety, design and ease, and new baby products we just NEED to add to our registry.

              Below are a few of the coolest products we saw at the ABC Kids Expo that will hit shelves in the coming months, and possibly, your nursery too.

              The makers of the innovative DockATot are upping the ante with their new tech-enabled CloutTot. To the naked eye, the CloudTot looks like the same cozy baby docking station you’ve come to love for co-sleeping, rest-time, tummy time and more, the new version includes a baby awakening system, which alerts parents when no motion has been detected for 12 seconds, and a patent-pending capability to detect moisture within the bedding area, alerting parents when baby is wet...

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              Here are 5 baby toys that won’t make your apartment look like a toy store:

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              That very first baby bath is such a sweet milestone. And in everyone’s baby pictures, it’s like the cutest moment ever. In real life, though, it’s kind of terrifying: there’s crying and flailing and slipping and more crying…from baby and mom. It doesn’t help that there’s so many different choices in the baby bathtub aisle, each with a different size, shape and function. WTF!? Isn’t a bath a bath? Not when you’re only 7 lbs. Below, our breakdown of baby bathtubs, so you can find the best one to suit your lifestyle.

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              Finding the perfect baby stroller blanket for these chilly winter months can be difficult. In the summer, it’s so easy to just throw a swaddle blanket in your diaper bag and call it a day. But come winter, even after your little one is bundled in their snowsuit or a BundleMe in their stroller, it’s nice to have something heavier than a swaddle to keep them extra warm.

              When searching for the perfect stroller blanket, I tend to steer clear from anything too heavy to avoid bulk in the diaper bag. Instead, I typically look for something soft and cozy that can easily be wrapped all the way around my son if necessary.

              Here are my top 5 stroller blanket picks...

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            • Diaper Bag Essentials – What Every Mom Needs To Carry

              A tote, satchel or clutch may be your handbag of choice now, but once your baby arrives those fashionable beauties will be tossed aside in favor of the mini van of handbags – the diaper bag. If packed correctly, your diaper bag will rival Mary Poppins’ carpetbag, due to its contents ability to fill an empty belly, soothe a fussy baby to sleep, and treat ailments of any size.

              Selecting the right diaper bag is important, so keep the following in mind when registering or shopping for your go-to bag:

              • It must have enough space to hold all essential items
              • It should be compartmentalized so that feeding supplies can be kept separate from medicines and skincare products
              • It should require no more than a simple wipe down to clean and
              • It should be made of flexible material so that it can be tossed, tucked or thrown into the smallest of spaces. A few of our favorite diaper bag brands are Diaper Dude, Skip Hop and Lock & Key Leathers.

              Diaper bag essentials may vary if you’re a soon-to-be mom of multiples, or if baby will join a big brother and/or sister upon arrival; however, the following staples are the same for every parent:

              • Diapers: If using cloth diapers, be sure to pack a wet bag or plastic bag to store used diapers
              • Baby wipes: For bums, hands, faces and everything else that needs a good cleaning
              • Diaper cream/ointment
              • Tissues
              • Nursing shawl/blanket for breastfed babies
              • Infant formula and bottles for formula fed babies
              • Burp cloth
              • Bottle (or cup) of water
              • Hat: A wide brim hat for spring/summer and a fitted cap for fall/winter
              • Sunglasses
              • Nine Naturals Natural SPF 32 Sunscreen:Sunscreen should be used all year round on the whole family. Natural Suncreen SPF 32 is safe for mom, baby & the whole family.
              • Pacifiers
              • Teething toys: Not needed right away, but come in handy for entertaining
              • Small books and toys
              • Blanket: To cover your baby if (s)he falls asleep (can also be used during breastfeeding to eliminate the need for a nursing shawl)
              • Nine Naturals Repairing Body Balm: Great for adding moisture to chapped lips and skin
              • Snack: Pack a KIND bar or Mamma Chia pouch in case you don’t get a chance to eat a full meal when out and about
              • Extra set of clothes for baby

              Your diaper bag is only helpful to you if you keep it stocked with the necessities. So, at the end of every day, replace the amount of used diapers with the same number of fresh ones, swap out a dirty outfit with a clean one, and wash any toys/pacifiers/teethers that were dropped and/or placed on grimy surfaces.

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