• Hairstyles for Fall and Winter

    With the weather shifting, it’s time to change up more than our jackets and shoes. The seasons ahead call for their own hairstyles, specific to the cooler weather, darker days, and the looming forecast for snow. Fortunately, when you use Nine Naturals shampoo and conditioner, you’re taking the first steps to gorgeous ‘dos. If you want a stylish look, start with keeping your hair healthy and well-nourished. The dry air of autumn and winter can be tricky for your locks, which is why it’s even more important to pamper your hair during these cooler months. Then, go ahead and pick your favorite stunning fall and winter hairstyle trend.

    Get the crimping iron out of the attic. Crimped hair is making a major comeback this season, much to the delight to those of us who coveted these crimping irons back in our school days. But you’re not a kid anymore, so don’t be afraid to get creative with the crimped look. Try wearing crimped hair in a low ponytail or braid non-crimped hair around the textured locks.

    (c) Barefoot Blonde

    Braided crowns will give you a princess-like flair. Braids are always popular, but right now, inspiration is coming from the decidedly feminine and elegant medieval look. Try a single plait across your head with straight hair or wavy hair. If you’d rather go bold, try an entire head of braided crown. This hairstyle is especially lovely with neutral makeup and only a hint of bling - you want this gorgeous hairstyle to be the center of attention.

    (c) Camille Styles

    Simple knots are your stylish, easy go-to. When you’re expecting a baby, you might not always be in the mood to execute a fully polished hairstyle. Knots are a wonderful compromise between low-maintenance and chic. Twist a knot a the nape of your neck, leaving out just enough strands to create texture. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try the double-knot style, too.

    (c) Harper's Bazaar

    Channel your inner flapper with finger waves. Another fall/winter throwback style is the finger wave. This hairstyle is perfect for holiday parties and special evenings out (take advantage of pre-baby date nights!). Match the hair with dramatic makeup and a chic maternity gown for a stunning look. If your attire is more nonchalant, finger waves add a sweet accent to your look, all without the curling iron.

    (c) Hair and Makeup by Steph

    Voluminous ponytails go the extra mile for your look. If you’re stuck in a rut of pulling your hair back in an everyday ponytail, try adding a bit of pizzazz. Match high-volume hair with a slight bouffant for a fashionable ‘do. You can also try adding in a glossier look by slicking hair back, then volumizing the pulled-up ponytail.

    Add shine and glamor with well-placed hair accessories. So many appealing options can be found for dressing up your hairstyle: metallic bands, jeweled clips, and even tiaras can all be added on for a gorgeous adornment. Be sure your outfit and other accessories match your hair and create a streamlined look, as it can be easy to overdo it.

    Messy top-knots give your hair effortless charm. These top-knots are on trend and gloriously simple to pull off. For long hair, this is a go-to hairstyle, whether you dress it up or down. It’s a versatile look, so you can make it your own. Be sure to stock up on bobby pins so you can manage just how messy, or polished, you’d like your top-knot to be.

    (c) A Beautiful Mess

    Center parts are on-point this season. You’ll want to use a thin comb to get your part perfectly straight, which makes or breaks this particular look. Center parts work especially well with long curls, textured hair, or stylish updos with a few strands framing the face. This part really brings out your features, so keep makeup and accessories neutral.

    (c) Anh Co Tran

    Deep side parts are the center-part’s counterpoint. If center parts don’t work for you, no need to fear. Deep side parts are also very much in style this fall and winter. For this hair style, it’s all about upping the drama in your look. With a deep part, match it with a glossy, slicked-back updo or hair styled down in waves.

    (c) Abigail Spencer, The Wrap

    Beveled bobs are the new bob to wear. In past seasons, shaggy and messy bobs have been all the rage. For fall and winter, you’ll want a sleek, blunt cut for your bob. A beveled bob has a structured and deeply refined look, which makes it easy for your entire look to be chic. You can also match the bob with thick, straight-across bangs for an extra vivid hairstyle.

    (c) Ashley Greene

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  • 5 Summer Beauty Fixes

    When your body is changing during pregnancy, the hot summer months can bring a whole new crop of summer beauty problems, such as sunburn, dry hair, sweat and more. Luckily, there are many all-natural and pregnancy-safe beauty fixes for your summer beauty woes. Here’s our list:

    Summer Beauty Problem: Sunburn

    Prevent sunburns from happening in the first place by using an all natural sunscreen of at least SPF 30 and follow sun safety practices. Reapply sunscreen at least every two hours and after water activities or excessive sweating. For damaged skin, apply aloe vera or natural body balm. Nine Naturals Body Balm is made with Mongongo Oil, which has traditionally been used to protect against the harsh desert climates.

    Summer Beauty Problem: Chlorine Dry Hair

    To bring back shine, use an all-natural deep conditioner, such as Nine Naturals Mandarin + Ginger Restorative Conditioner or coconut oil to tame tresses. Rinse out with cool water to avoid further heat damage. Try leaving either in overnight for extra lustrous hair!

    Summer Beauty Problem: Sweat

    To keep cool and prevent sweat, wear loose clothing in airy fabrics. Don’t be afraid to sweat though, as it allows your body to naturally release toxins, but combat body odor by using a pregnancy safe deodorant, like Nine Natural’s.

    Summer Beauty Problem: Dry, Itchy Skin

    Skin can get very dry in the summer heat, especially during pregnancy. Today, 80% of lotions sold in the U.S. contain alcohol–not what sensitive, itchy skin needs. Try our Moisturizing Body Cream and Regenerative Belly Butter for itchy bellies and our Natural Belly Oil made with coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, and tamanu seed oil to stay hydrated long after a shower. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

    Summer Beauty Problem: Breakouts

    Excess hormones from pregnancy and extra sweat from hot summer months can lead to the perfect acne-causing combination. To manage acne naturally, wash face twice daily with a gentle, all-natural facial cleanser. Use natural skincare products and makeup that is free of harsh chemicals such as dimethicone and fragrance, which can clog pores or cause irritation. Change your pillowcase often to prevent bacteria buildup on the fabric of your pillowcase.

    Let these beauty fixes enhance your summer with healthy lustrous hair and radiant glowing skin. Now you can be free of the usual summer stresses and the ever-lurking chemicals that can keep you from achieving your summer beauty and wellness goals.


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  • Split Ends? We Have The Cure

    Pregnancy is a time of amazing changes in the body. As hormone levels increase, even your hair can be affected, and you may find that it becomes particularly dry, resulting in breakage and split ends. While hormonal hair breakage during pregnancy might be unavoidable for some, the right hair care techniques and treatments can help restore shine and luster to your tresses! We have the 5 tricks to help you cure split ends:

    1) Get Regular Trims: Moms-to-be should get their hair trimmed every four to six weeks to clean up rough ends, prevent future damage and give their hair a healthier overall look. This is also a prime opportunity to embrace a new style or add layers, both of which improve the appearance of brittle hair and can give your ‘do a voluminous boost.

    2) Indulge In Deep Conditioning: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate those locks! Nine Naturals pregnancy safe, plant-based Mandarin + Ginger Restorative Conditioner nourishes damaged hair with its medley of restorative ingredients, which include organic emollients like Moroccan argan oil, shea butter and macadamia seed oil. It also contains flax seed oil and vitamin B5, both of which help prevent split ends. It works well as an everyday conditioner or a weekly mask, but either way, you’ll feel pampered.

    3) Use Proper Hair Tools: Heat-intense hair tools are not your friend right now. Blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons break down the hydrogen bonds in the hair’s protective cuticle, creating damaged and fried-looking hair with each use. If you can’t live without your hair tools, avoid doing so every day, choose a low temperature setting and style quickly to keep your hair as healthy as possible. Additionally, invest in high quality haircare tools that protect your hair from additional damage like FHI Heat tools.

    4) Use A Wide-Tooth Comb: After you apply conditioner in the shower, slowly run a wide-tooth comb through hair until all the tangles are out. This prevents the snaps and breakage you can incur when you try to brush out hair that is roughed up from a towel-dry.

    5) Increase Folic Acid And Biotin Intake: Both of these B vitamins (folic acid and biotin) have been shown to improve hair health, length and thickness. Folic acid helps the production of red blood cells, which powers the growth of hair. Eat plenty of leafy greens, oranges, soybeans and wheat to get your boost of folic acid. Biotin, known to strengthen both hair and nails through its metabolism of fats, carbs and proteins, can be found in brown rice, lentils, peas, sunflower seeds and walnuts.


    Shedding Light on Postnatal Hair Loss
    The Straight Story on Hair Straightening During Pregnancy
    How To Shampoo Your Hair

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  • How To Shampoo Your Hair

    Naturally thick, lustrous locks are one of pregnancy’s best perks! Get the most out of your fabulous pregnancy hair by cleaning it properly. Here’s how:

    • Start With Warm Water: Wet hair thoroughly with warm — not hot — water. Hot water can dry hair out and will make it more susceptible to breakage.
    • Choose An All-Natural Shampoo: Avoiding toxins in personal care products is always important, but it becomes especially crucial during pregnancy, when chemicals can potentially harm your growing baby. Nine Naturals’ Citrus + Mint Nourishing  Shampoo is not only plant-based, it also smells divine. You’ll enjoy the uplifting, all-natural scents of lemon, lime and peppermint while organic jojoba seed oil and shea butter boost shine and lock in moisture, and Vitamin B5 strengthens strands, keeping split ends at bay. Our formula is gentle enough for all hair types, and, most importantly, safe for everyday use before, during and after pregnancy.
    • Think Quarter-Sized. Chances are you’ve been using too much shampoo. You want to get your hair clean, removing excess dirt, oil and everyday pollutants, without stripping all of its natural lipids and oils, which help to protect hair from environmental damage and dryness. Use about a quarter-sized amount of shampoo, and you’ll be right in that sweet spot.
    • Go gently. You don’t have to get all karate-kid on your locks; lathering too aggressively can damage its strands. Instead, spread the shampoo (remember, just a quarter-sized dallop!) between your hands and then gently massage your scalp. Next, run your hands down the length of your hair, gently and evenly distributing the remaining shampoo over its strands.
    • Rinse. (And Keep Rinsing.): Rinse with warm water for at least one minute.
    • Finish With Conditioner: Simply squeeze excess water out of your hair, and then smooth conditioner evenly over the length of your locks. Leave it in for at least one minute before rinsing thoroughly with warm water. As with your shampoo, remember to use an all-natural conditioner. Our Citrus + Mint Nourishing Conditioner perfectly complements our Citrus + Mint Nourishing shampoo. Organic sweet almond oil and shea butter stimulate hair growth and leave locks smooth and full of natural shine, while flax seed oil and vitamin B5 strengthen hair so it can hold up to the changes it’ll undergo during pregnancy. Lightweight enough for everyday use, it’s also toxin-free and safe for mamas (as well as for babies-on-board).


    Toxic Ingredients To Avoid In The Shower
    Our 5 Favorite Baby Shower Games
    The Un-Shower

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    • Shedding Light on Postnatal Hair Loss

      During pregnancy you may notice that your hair has become thicker and more lustrous than ever before. But fast forward to 3 months after the baby’s arrival and you notice the opposite – hair starting to fall out faster than ever before, sometimes even in clumps!

      No, you’re not going bald.

      Postnatal hair loss, or postpartum alopecia, is actually very common and can affect up to 50% of all new mothers. It involves a general thinning of the hair as well as a more dramatic thinning at the hairline. It is a temporary phase that begins two to five months after birth and can persist for up to a year in many cases.

      Postnatal hair loss is caused by the normalization of your hormone cycles after pregnancy. During pregnancy there is a sustained high level of estrogen that prevents normal hair shedding. This is what leads to the apparent thickening of your hair. When your estrogen levels drop off after giving birth, all the hair follicles that had put shedding on pause during pregnancy start up again at the same time. This synchronization is why many women report clumps of hair coming out. While this can certainly be startling it’s not cause for concern. It’s just your body getting back on track.

      The good news is that postnatal hair loss isn’t dangerous or permanent. Unfortunately it can take a while for your body to get back to a normal growth cycle and there isn’t anything you can do to prevent the initial disruption. A recent study found that there really aren’t any medical ways to prevent postnatal hair loss, but there are some ways to manage it. Here are our favorite tips to manage postnatal hair loss:

      1. Get A Good Trim: Keeping you hair healthy can minimize the loss. Plus you’ll find some hairstyles, such as volume boosting layers, work better than others when your hair is thinner.
      2. Use A Gentle Shampoo: As a rule of thumb, shampoo your hair using products with natural, plant-based surfactants, which are much less harsh than sulfate-laden shampoos. Nine Naturals Citrus + Mint Nourishing Shampoo will help keep your hair healthy and boost the appearance of thinner hair.
      3. Stick To Low Stress Hair Styles: Tight hairdos can pull on your hair and exacerbate shedding so it’s better to stick to loose hairstyles.
      4. Avoid Deep Conditioning Shampoos:  These products will weigh down your hair making it look even thinner. Instead choose a light conditioner that will work on fine hair. Try Nine Naturals Citrus + Mint Nourishing Conditioner, which uses moisturizing plant-based emollients like broccoli seed oil and shea butter and natural hair strengthening ingredients like vitamin B5 and flax seed oil.
      5. Stay Away From High Stress Styling Tools: When you can, avoid using blow dryers, irons and straighteners– they will dry out and damage your hair.

      Remember, postnatal hair loss happens to lots of women. Your hair cycle will get back on track eventually and in the mean time Nine Naturals is here to help!

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    • Damage Control For Flat, Frizzy, or Fried Summer Hair

      Who doesn’t love summer? But the combination of heat + sweat + humidity can cause some serious damage to your locks. Whether your hair is flat, frizzy or fried, we have the beauty fixes you need to do some serious damage control on your hair.

      If Your Hair Is Fried

      Has salt water from the ocean and chlorine from the pool left you with dry, brittle hair? To restore shine and lustrous texture back to your hair:

      If Your Hair Is Flat

      Fine or straight hair can become limp in the summer as exposure to humidity can weigh hair down. To add some va-va-voom to your roots:

      • Avoid using deep conditioner on your roots if you are have thin hair. Instead, try only conditioning the ends of your hair. It’ll hydrate your locks without weighing down the roots.
      • This may seem counterintuitive, but ease off the heavy styling products! Products such as mouse or hairspray can buildup at the roots and, in humid weather, flatten your hair even more.
      • Blow dry your hair upside down. You may get a head rush with this simple trick, but the added volume will be worth it.

      If Your Hair Is Frizzy

      Hair all over the place this summer? Fight frizz by:

      • Rub a tiny bit conditioner into your hands and work it through your strands. This will help smooth the hair while slightly weighing down the top layer to prevent frizz.
      • Snip those ends! Layers, which add volume, can lead to frizz and puffiness in the summer. Ask your hairstylist for a blunter cut to help hold down the ends.


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