What It’s Like Being Pregnant with 1.1 Million People Watching on Instagram

How Insta-star Chriselle Lim copes with being pregnant in public.

Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

She may be the most fashionable mama on Instagram. Whether she’s travelling the world or at home in L.A., digital entrepreneur Chriselle Lim, of The Chriselle Factor, is living life in front of her 1.1 million followers — and still managing to keep it 100 percent real for her fans. On top of being a world traveller and fashion icon who works nonstop, Chriselle is mom to a toddler and now pregnant with another baby girl; and we are fangirling over her even harder! 

Here’s what it’s like for Chriselle Lim to be pregnant when everyone is watching.

How are you feeling this pregnancy?

This pregnancy was a little different than my first. I’m feeling great now, but I was nauseous and extremely tired throughout my first and second trimester! I do have to say that although this pregnancy was a bit more difficult, it seems to have flown by a lot faster.

So many mamas find pregnancy to be such a vulnerable time: gaining weight, your skin goes crazy and, like, nothing fits. How do you deal with all of this in the public eye?

I am so blessed to have the platform that I have, but the bigger the opportunity, the bigger the responsibility. I have a responsibility to...