To Buy Or Not To Buy – Renting Maternity Clothes With Krystal Stubbendeck Of Borrow For Your Bump

Buying maternity cloths that you are only able to wear for nine months can get pricy. We continue our look at maternity fashion (see Susan Cho’s picks for  Maternity Fall Fashion Must Haves)  and sat down with Krystal Stubbendeck, founder of Borrow For Your Bump, to discuss the benefits of renting maternity fashion versus buying.

NN: What inspired you to create borrow for your bump?

KS: As many of my friends became pregnant, they all had the same complaint: why spend money on maternity clothes that you will only wear for a few months. These once style conscious women were resorting to baggy, larger non-maternity sizes to get by. They all wanted to wear the same designer denim they enjoyed before becoming pregnant but just didn’t want to pay the price. They all seemed to think that the cute, stylish maternity clothes were too expensive.

NN: What would you say are the main advantages of renting vs buying maternity wear?

KS: Renting items like dresses, jeans, outerwear, blazers, skirts…it just makes sense. For the same cost of buying a pair of designer jeans at $200, you can rent the jeans, and a pea coat, and a blouse, AND a dress! The best part is you send it all back after a month and get a whole new wardrobe! Of course, there are maternity items we recommend buying, like basic tees & tanks, leggings, and more casual items that will be worn often.

NN: What feedback have you heard from pregnant women on the rental service?

KS: The feedback has been amazing. Many women who rent say they will tell all their expecting friends. That’s what we love to hear and we love getting customers via word-of-mouth. We also love when a customer emails us to let us know how many compliments they received in a dress they rented. It feels good making these women feel beautiful. They deserve it!

NN: What’s the most popular rental item you are seeing for pregnant women?

KS: Dresses!!! They are definitely our most popular item being rented, especially more formal options. Next, it’s probably denim.

Here are Krystal’s top maternity wear rental picks: 

1. Outerwear:  As we approach winter, dressing in layers is key (to combat crazy hormones which create wacky body temperatures). We definitely recommend renting a quality piece of outerwear, whether it’s a trendy cape or a classy pea coat.

2. Jeans: A go-to pair of jeans, whether they are skinny or bootcut, are a necessity during the fall and winter months. We love the grey denim this season! Dress them up with a blazer for a casual work-day or heels and sexy blouse for a date night.

3. Dresses: Our most popular rental item! This emerald colored dress is flattering on many skin types and hair colors. Paired best with other jewel tones (like sapphire and amethyst), this dress is perfect for the office (just paired with a blazer), date night or holiday party. Dress will be available on Borrow For Your Bump soon!