Things We’ve Read: Week of March 30th, 2015

Groups petition federal agency to ban products containing certain flame-retardants (Environmental Health News): A group of organizations are petitioning to have toxic flame-retardents found in children’s furniture, mattresses and electronic casings, and more.

This drug, banned in Europe, Russia and China, may be in your lunch (Reuters): The drug Ractopamine, often used in mass-marketed pork and beef has been found to unsafe for pigs and other farm animals dosed with it, and has been banned in Europe, Russia and China.

Pregnancy & Work: Supreme Triangulation (The Economist): With the ruling in favor of Peggy Young, former UPS employee, Young v UPS reinforces the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and the rights of pregnant women in the workplace.

Today’s Moms Are Working Later Into Their Pregnancies — And Going Back To Work Earlier Too (Washington Post): Trends of the last decade show more and more women staying at work until their due dates and returning soon after. Young v UPS becomes much more consequential.

Healthy Child Healthy World And EWG Fight For A Better Environment For Children (EWG): Healthy Child Healthy World, an organization that empowers parents to take action against harmful chemicals, recently merged with the EWG bringing together educational pursuits and scientific resources to help parents keep their kids healthy.

Sacramento Couple Creates Adorable Pregnancy Time Lapse (Fox): A Sacramento couple created a cute time lapse documenting their entire pregnancy, and it even features their Boston Terrier, Benson!

9 Gorgeous Photos That Capture The Magical First 24 Hours Of Motherhood (HuffPost): Must-see pictures of the first day of bonding between these moms and their new babies.

8 ways to soothe heartburn in pregnancy (Fox): Obstetrician Dr. Manny Alvarez gives natural ways to deal with an upset stomach, heartburn or acid reflux during pregnancy.