Things We’ve Read: Week of Nov. 9th, 2015

Pretending To Understand What Babies Say Can Make Them Smarter (The Atlantic): How parents talk to infants can make a difference in babies’ language development.

13 Things Every Woman Should Know Before Returning From Maternity Leave (Vogue): Tips from other moms returning from maternity leave.

Tired of Staged Breastfeeding Photos, I Started Shooting It In All Its Beautiful Messiness (BoredPanda): The authentic realities of breastfeeding mothers.

3 Ways Your Relationship With Your Parents Can Affect Your Love Life (Business Insider): Because “our first experience with love is with our parents”.

Your Biological Clock Will Love Demeter’s New Fragrance “Baby’s Head” (YouBeauty): A new fragrance for spring.

The Value of the Asian Tradition of Postpartum Lie-Ins (Daily Life): Days of rest give new moms a chance to recover and adjust to their new normal.

How To End the Homework Battles With A Second-Grader (Washington Post): Tips for engaging and incentivizing.

This Hot New Parenting Trend Is Making Moms Go Out of Their Minds (SheKnows): One mom’s take on what mindful parenting actually means.

Fourth Grader Invokes “Girl Code” To Answer Common Core Math Problem (Babble): Girl code shows how flawed this one math problem is.