Fashion Friday – Our Top Pregnancy Workout Picks

Being pregnant doesn’t mean exercise should be put on a standstill, as celebrity yoga instructor, Kristin McGee proved to us earlier in the week. Exercise is a vital part to staying healthy and fit; this applies to during pregnancy as well! In fact, regular exercise during pregnancy can help improve posture and decrease common pregnancy ailments such as backaches and fatigue. Also, exercise during pregnancy helps build stamina, which in turn makes labor and delivery a little bit easier for expecting mamas.

Fortunately, there are plenty of brands – both maternity and non-maternity – that will take you fashionably through your 9 months. Here we have some tips on picking out appropriate workout wear for pregnancy.

  1. Look for tops to grow into. Look for tops that go to hip length or have a drape-y style so you have room to grow as you move further along in your pregnancy. Our favorites from FitBump and Lululemon are the Iris Top, the Practice Freely and the No Limits Tank.
  2. Invest in a sports bra with proper support. To accommodate a growing bra size during pregnancy, make sure to give yourself enough support for workouts. We like sports bras that offer a racerback with wide straps—racerbacks help distribute the weight of your breasts evenly and wide straps help relieve pressure from your back. Check out this handy guide to find the right sports bra to match your bra size.
  3. Find low-rise workout pants that can accommodate your belly. Higher-waisted pants may restrict and cause discomfort. The low-rise waistband will provide more comfort and give you room to grow. We recommend Lululemon’s Wunder Under Crop and FitBump’s Hera and Danae capris. If you prefer a foldover maternity pant that can be rolled up or down without restricting the belly, try Splendid’s Fold Over Belly Maternity Pants.