Being Mindful

Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

Throughout my pregnancy, I was astonished by just how amazing it was that I was able to grow a human being and all that this new life was capable of. Until one day, a few weeks after I gave birth, things weren’t so shiny (postpartum hormones anyone?). I suddenly began having fears that weren’t existent pre-motherhood and anxieties that were so intensified that I was getting chest pains around Oliver’s second birthday. Between having a baby and starting a business, I stopped paying attention to myself. My body and mind were telling me to check in. This has led me to start making my health a priority once again.

As should every parent. Not only for our kids and our partners, but for ourselves. Parenthood while the most gratifying thing we can all do, is incredibly demanding and can certainly bring up a lot of anxieties or emotions in a person. Finding some patience in between all of it can be an even greater challenge.

Meditation has continuously proven its effects on a person’s well-being. I first got mytaste after completing a very successful 21-day meditation challenge by Deepak Chopra. By the end, I was more in control of my feelings and more patient as well. A sound state of mind takes effort for sure but oddly enough not too much time. Even checking in with yourself for eight minutes can make a difference. I’ve found that consistent exercise combined with mindful meditation has been a saving grace. Consistency being the key.

While I’m definitely still a meditation newbie, I’ve tested out a few apps since that first challenge that have made it easier to continue to my practice. Here are a few at the top of my list.

Through adorable illustrations and animated videos, Headspace breaks down the benefits of meditation and lends optimal meditation tricks, in the simplest way possible, to help you continue on your mediation streak. Also, you can invite friends and share your meditation milestones with them. The first 10 days are free, and then $7.99 per month or less.

Stop Breathe & Think
Brought to you by the non-profit organization Tools for Peace, Stop Breathe & Think encourages you to stop what you’re doing and pay attention to what’s happening both inside and out. One of my favorite functionalities on this app is the mindful walk. Yes, you can in fact walk and meditate at the same time. Free. Donations Welcome.

A meditation app for everyone. By subscribing to Omvana you have access to hundreds of meditation tracks for focus, sleep, enlightenment and more. Omvana will give you the opportunity to explore different areas of your meditation practice with just one app. 25 tracks free, and $9.99 per month to explore additional tracks.

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