Babymoon Fashion – Our Favorite Looks for Every Type of Vacation!

Earlier this week, we posted about some of our favorite babymoon locations. Of course, once you start thinking about vacation, the natural next step is to start thinking about resort wear, new vacation clothing and shopping! Whether you are headed for the beach, a beautiful spa, or the hustle and bustle of a big city, Nine Naturals has  put together a list of some of our favorite babymoon looks for every vacation type – all the inspiration you need to book that trip and  get your shopping list ready to go. Enjoy!

Beach Bum Babymoon: When you’re heading to the beach (avec bump) for your baby moon, there are a few easy ways to feel both comfortable and sexy. Show a little leg with a short tunic and embrace your bump (literally and figuratively) with a stylish bathing suit. Then find a simple scarf and a chic pair of shades to give that “effortlessly beautiful” bottomline to your look.

 Luxury Lover (Canyon Ranch Spa) Babymoon: This is the babymoon that is all about you. Your relaxation, your indulgence. Think “loose-fitting” so you can glide into a robe for a massage, into the pool for a swim or onto a lounge chair for a nap. Focus on accessories to tie the outfit together. Few things make us feel more stylish and mysterious (thank you, Ms. Hepburn) than a fabulous pair of sunglasses. Add a classic, wide-brimmed hat and a terribly fashionable pair of wedges to bring it all together. And -remember – you’ll want everything that adds to your relaxation from magazines to tablets to books to your Vanilla + Geranium Replenishing Belly Butter – so don’t forget your favorite spa tote.

City Slicker / Globe Trotter Babymoon: If a city is your babymoon destination, we tip our hats to you. We admire your adventurous spirit and we also happen to totally agree that cities are a great place for a babymoon. And, if you’re taking on a city, you’re taking on walking, museums, shopping, eating and more! Focus first on the brands, patterns and designs that will make you feel like one of the city’s haute fashion jetsetters. And then filter for comfort. A Bateau top means style in any language and originates from the comfort and flexibility that sailors once needed to scurry around boats adjusting the sails (so it should meet the comfort standards for moms-to-be!). Comfortable jeans (such as these Rag and Bone demin looking designer sweatpants), patent leather flats along with your favorite bag will round out a great look whether you’re in Milan, Pars, New York or Santa Monica.