• Vanilla + Geranium Replenishing Belly Butter

Vanilla + Geranium Replenishing Belly Butter
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It's beautiful to watch a belly grow. But your skin's doing some hard work! Give it and your baby some extra love with our regenerative belly butter safe for pregnancy. A complement to our Soothing Body Wash, this stretch mark cream tops off our skin care line for pregnancy. It's crafted from rich, organic emollients like broccoli seed oil, shea butter and cupuaçu butter. Each ingredient is packed with restorative omega fatty acids and works deep within your skin's connective tissue to dramatically improve elasticity, control stretch marks and fight itchiness. The dry-touch formula of this pregnant belly cream leaves the tummy grease-free. For All Skin Types. 4 oz.

  • Regenerative, pregnancy-safe belly butter to prevent stretch marks and itchy skin.
  • Made with broccoli seed oil, shea butter, and cupuaçu butter to retain moisture.
  • All naturally-derived ingredients
  • NO Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, Petrochemicals, DEA, Synthetic Fragrances, or Artificial Preservatives
  • Safe for pregnancy and nursing

Massage onto belly and anywhere else you may have itching or dry skin.

I'm totally sold! Love this!

"I usually don't buy belly butter because I'm really skeptical of the whole "it'll help with stretch marks and itchiness" gimmick. But I really love the Nine Naturals line so I thought hey, why not? First of all, before I even get to the effectiveness of it, I want to talk about the scent. Ohmygoodness, I love it! It's like this buttery, warm smell that's delicious--a little bit different from the citrus scents of the rest of the line but wonderful nonetheless. As for the effectiveness, the product does exactly what it says it does. Restores elasticity, improves stretch marks, reduce itchiness--I'm totally sold! Love this!"
Review by Wendy L., Palo Alto, CA

Very Rich But Not Greasy!

"I love the belly butter. It smells great and has a better consistency than the Palmer’s stuff I've been using. Plus it’s totally natural!"
Review by Rebecca A., Providence, RI

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