9 Tips for Photographing Your Bump during Pregnancy

We’ve received so many beautiful bump pictures as part of our #NNStories Pregnancy Announcement campaign that we started thinking about importance of maternity photography. Photographing your baby bump is a fun and special part of pregnancy – whether you use the pictures to announce your pregnancy, to display them in your baby shower invite, or to have a beautiful memento from a very special 9 months of your life. But let’s be honest – despite the maternity photos of famous actors and models like Demi Moore and Giselle Bundchen might suggest – capturing the natural beauty of pregnancy and bump isn’t always easy, so here are some helpful tips for creating the perfect baby bump picture!

1) Make yourself comfortable: It’s so important to capture this special time in your life in a natural and comfortable way. Feel free to have other family members join in the shoot and wear something that you makes you feel beautiful.

2) Pick your most photogenic month: Maternity photographers often recommend scheduling a baby bump shoot around 28-32 weeks of pregnancy. This is when your belly is prominently showing (no longer to be mistaken as a beer gut!) and before you’ve become overly uncomfortable, which can often happen towards the latter stages of the pregnancy.

3) Don’t be afraid to use your hands: Touching or holding your bump with you or your husband’s hands helps accent the bump and create an intimate connection with your baby.

4) Take advantage of natural lighting: Plan your photos around taking advantage of natural light. As opposed to artificial lighting and a flash, natural light can help to accent the natural shadows and highlights of your more curvaceous body.

5) Show it off: Try and wear something form-fitting and revealing if you aren’t planning on showing any skin. This will help accentuate the bump and show off your curves in the best way possible

6) Experiment with angles: The typical side torso shot is great, but feel free to get creative! Try other views of your bump, such as a 3/4 angle or shooting from the front down. Try shots standing up and sitting down as well.

7) Pamper yourself with hairstyling and makeup: Your hair and makeup are great ways to accent your look. Take advantage of this fun event to pamper yourself by hiring someone to do your hair and makeup for the day of.

8) Keep the spotlight on you: Posing in front of a solid wall or clean backdrop. Avoid any background clutter that might detract from keeping the spotlight on you!

9) And most importantly…have fun!: Get creative with your shoot and use experiences from your pregnancy to inspire you. The key is to enjoy the experience while tastefully capturing a memorable moment.​

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