Top 10 Pregnancy Mobile Apps!

When it comes to information, the experience of pregnancy, especially your first pregnancy, is like drinking water from a firehose. You’re seeking information, you’re filtering information and you’re deciding whose information is useful or not.

Pregnancy apps are a blessing for the modern pregnant woman! But which pregnancy mobile apps are helpful and informative? Which pregnancy apps meet your needs and interests?

We at Nine Naturals have some experience with pregnancy and some pretty serious experience with being tethered to our smartphones. So we decided to assemble a list of the best pregnancy apps for moms-on-the-go who want the best, most current information about their pregnancy at their fingertips.

  1. Baby Time. Wondering if you’re in labor? Created by doctors and nurses at Vanderbilt University, Baby Time tracks the intervals between your contractions, while also measuring their intensity. Doing this legwork for you makes preparing for delivery much easier. The app can make excellent predictions as to the stage of labor you are in at any  moment.
  2. 50,000 Baby Names. For every expecting couple, deciding on a name for baby is an exciting and sometime-fun / often-difficult item on the baby prep checklist. This app simplifies the name search with its extensive range of search options, including origin, meaning, and popularity ranking.
  3. I’m Expecting. This might be the most essential app to download once your pregnancy has been confirmed. It populates a helpful list of tasks for you that you’ll appreciate, from monitoring your symptoms to managing your birth announcements.
  4. Pilates for Pregnancy. Mindful of your need to keep fit when pregnant, but short on time for the gym? This app comes to the rescue, with several Pilates-based workouts adapted to each trimester of pregnancy.
  5. mPregnancy. A great app for your male partner in pregnancy! mPregnancy is the best mobile app for  dads-to-be in everything they need to know about the baby on the way, in more masculine terminology that they’ll appreciate.
  6. Prenatal Smart. What foods should you avoid when pregnant? Which dishes are safe for a developing baby? Questions like these are answered with ease by this nutritionally helpful app.
  7. My Pregnancy Today. Turn to this app for informative and detail updates on your baby’s development from day to day. It employs great graphics and videos to not only monitor baby and your pregnancy symptoms, but also to connect you with other expecting mothers due when you are.
  8. CineMama. This is a fabulous mobile app for moms interested in capturing cute pictures of their baby bump as it grows each day. The app tracks your bump and stores movies and pictures of your pregnant loveliness for each calendar day.
  9. What to Expect. From one of the most renowned pregnancy brands, the What to Expect app provides personalized daily updates on the development of your baby and recommendations on how to take care of yourself during pregnancy. This app was our founder’s top go-to apps during her pregnancy.
  10. iPregnancy. This is the ideal app for meticulous tracking about anything and everything related to being pregnant. A good catchall app that addresses the gamut of pregnancy topics, it can even create 2D and 3D images of your baby as she develops.


Which is your favorite app? Did we forget to include your favorite one? Let us know in the comments!