Things We've Read: Week of June 27th, 2016

You Know You Should Use Sunscreen. But Are You Using It Right? (NY Times): Don't forget the tops of your ears and feet, some often missed spots!

Teacher Rosie Dutton's Genius Lesson About Bullying Is Going Viral (Mic): "They really got it, what we saw inside that apple, the bruises, the mush and the broken bits is what is happening inside every one of us when someone mistreats us with their words or actions."

Ikea Recalls Millions Of Chests, Dressers Because Of Tip-Over Hazard (NPR): These chests and dressers could be pulled over by a child if they aren't securely attached to a wall. 

Leaving The Pediatrician? Not At 26 (NY Times): Many young adults are staying with their childhood physicians.

Researchers Studied Kindergarteners' Behavior And Followed Up 19 Years Later. Here Are The Findings (Upworthy): "Pro-social behavior matters, even at a young age."

Why Re-Entrance Programs Aren't Working (Fast Company): A look at the barriers we still need to cross to get women who have opted out back into the workforce.

How American's Views On Gender Roles Are Hurting The Economy And Holding Us Back (Fast Company): "That work is as important as the work that brings us money and power. We expect women and men to be breadwinners. We now have to equally expect men and women to be caregivers." - Anne-Marie Slaughter