Things We’ve Read: Week of July 21st, 2014

Pregnant Women Benefit From Less Nighttime Light (Medical Daily): A recent study has shown that exposure to artificial light during the evening hours has a serious impact on a woman’s reproductive health and creates the possibility of having an affect on the unborn child’s health as well.

Can These Common Chemicals Cause Premature Birth? (Fit Pregnancy): According to a new study, exposure to high levels of phthalates was associated with increased risk of preterm delivery.

Enhance Your Natural Beauty With Banana! (Project Inspired): The new all natural way of beautifying yourself at home.

Expert Travel Advice From Moms (Pregnancy & Newborn): For tried-and-true tips to make jet-setting with baby as painless as possible.

Motherhood: 5 Ingenious Ways to Prep for the Role of a Lifetime (Fit Pregnancy): Nothing can prepare you fully for motherhood but here are 5 important pieces of advice to help you prepare!

An Unnecessary Cut? (The New Yorker): A short documentary calls into question the rising numbers of C-sections being performed in the U.S.

Coming Out (Pregnancy & Newborn): Not only is the delivery of your baby a big adjustment for yourself but also for your baby.

7 Clever Comebacks To Rude Pregnancy Comments (Babble): The next time someone wants to drop one of these rude comments, be ready…

Almost There (Pregnancy & Newborn): Nutrition for the homestretch.