Things We’ve Read: Week of Sep. 21st, 2015

Your Family or Your Job? Why We Shouldn’t Ask Which Comes First (NY Times): The right question, this author argues, is: “Why do we make it so hard for so many people to have, not ‘it all,’ but both?”

Baby Hero Is Saving Thousands of Newborns With Their Sustainable Baby Clothes (Mic): For every product sold, a neonatal survival kit is sent to mothers in need.

Marie Kondo on the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – With Kids (NY TImes): Answers from the organizing consultant herself.

Even Ryan Reynolds is No Match for Assembling an IKEA Crib (Mashable): The struggle is real.

No Sandwich Is More Important Than a Child’s Life (Huff Post): A fight over peanut butter.

Why I Love My Wife’s Postpartum Body (Fatherly): A refreshing read