Things We’ve Read: Week of Oct. 1st, 2014

Study: Recessions Can Postpone Motherhood Forever (ABC News): A study has found that experiencing a recession during early adulthood can affect women’s decisions to ever become mothers. 

Parenting: Bedroom Can Be Launching Pad To Development (Herald Tribune): How using your child’s interests in designing their bedroom can boost independence and creative development.

Welcome Bellabeat, The Fitbit For Pregnancy (Design & Trend): Bellabeat has released three new product devices to women wanting more holistic insight into monitoring their pregnancy health.

Labor Secretary Thomas Perez On Maternity Leave: We Aren’t ‘Serving Our Women’ (HuffPost): Labor Secretary Thomas Perez speaks up for pregnant women in the workforce and the lack of maternity leave support provided in the U.S. in comparison to many other countries.

Lifestyle Changes ‘Could Prevent Half Of All Cases Of Diabetes During Pregnancy’ (The Guardian): How making certain healthier choices prior to pregnancy can offset gestational diabetes.

Tiger Mom, Hold That Growl (TIME): A new study has shown that the Chinese “tiger parenting” method is actually not as superior in results as once believed.

Another Reason For Kids to Cover Their Mouths: Pediatric Stroke Risk (Yahoo Health): Certain children might be at risk of stroke after developing colds or flu infections.

Breastfeeding May Boost a Mom’s Health as Much as Her Baby’s (Yahoo Health): A study has shown that breastfeeding for seven to 12 months can be be healthy for a woman’s heart in multiple ways.

This Amazing Pregnancy Story Will Make You Cry Happy Tears (Cosmopolitan): One month before having her uterus removed, a woman gets the surprise she always hoped for.

British Family ‘Totally Amazed’ To Have A Girl For The First Time In 100 Years (HuffPost): After four generations, the Silverton family has welcomed its first girl to break a hundred-year baby-boy streak. Baby Poppy joins her ecstatic parents and two older brothers into the world!