Things We’ve Read: Week of May 25th, 2015

Blind Mom Goes In For An Ultrasound, Now Watch What The Doctor Does (Little Things): One doctor helps a blind mom experience the beauty of motherhood through this thoughtful gesture.

The Secret Sadness of Pregnancy With Depression (NYTimes): Pregnancy is a trying time of many physical, emotional and identity changes, particularly more so for expectant mothers with depression.

‘Mom Body’ Comic Nails The Emotional Exhaustion (And Eventual Joy) Of Pregnancy (HuffPost): In celebration of real mom bods, a story of pregnancy in comic form.

A Bittersweet Goodbye to Pregnancy (HuffPost): One mom’s reflections on her pregnancy moments.

Prototype for 1st Home Pregnancy Test Going to Auction (NBC): The prototype of the first home pregnancy test designed in 1968 is up for auction in NYC!

Your Health Insurer Wants to Know Exactly When You Get Pregnant (Bloomberg): Insurers are partnering with pregnancy apps to ensure healthy pregnancies and to lower potential medical costs from complications.