Things We’ve Read: Week of Jan. 26th, 2015

What Can a Pregnant Photojournalist Cover? Everything (NYT): Lynsey Addario, a photojournalist for the New York Times describes the physical and emotional intensities of simultaneously journeying through war zones and impending motherhood.

These maternity clothes track your vital signs during pregnancy (Wareable): Cornell student, Blake Uretsky has developed a clothing line that wirelessly collects vital sign data and tracks the information on a smartphone app.

Infant Grins After ‘Seeing’ Mom Clearly for First Time (ABC): Baby Louise McMorris has suffered from sight problems since birth, but after being given new glasses an adorable smile arises at seeing her mother clearly for the first time.

Maternity Lingerie Is Genius (Glamour): Designer Uyo Okebie-Eichelberger explains the conception behind her line of maternity lingerie, which can even be worn post-pregnancy!

Paralyzed Bride Rachelle Friedman Chapman on Her Surrogate Pregnancy (People): After a freak accident at her bachelorette party left her paralyzed from the neck down, Rachelle Friedman Chapman and her husband are moving forward with parenthood on the horizon.

Judge Vetoes Parents’ Baby Name (Yahoo): Due to a Napoleonic law, a judge has kept a baby in France from being named ‘Nutella’.

Sorry, Pregnant Women, New Study Is Not a Carte Blanche to Eat Sushi (ABC): A new study suggests that consuming more fish while pregnant may actually be beneficial, however consuming sushi is a different story.

Parenting Program Improves Children’s Behavior In School And At Home, Enhances Parental Well-Being Too (Design & Trend): A 10-year study observing and comparing parents involved in co-parenting classes has shown impressive results as the children have grown.

The One Benefit All Millennials Should Consider Before Accepting a Job (Time): Reasons why paying attention to a company’s Family Leave Policy before accepting a job position is just as important as taking other benefits into account.

For This Pregnancy Photographer, Nature Is ‘Where The Magic Happens’ (HuffPost): Ivette Ivans says the secret to capturing magical pregnancy photos, is taking the photos in nature, whatever the weather.