Things We’ve Read: Week of Feb. 16th, 2015

Advocates Push for Pregnancy Exception to Obamacare Enrollment (US News & World Report): Lobbyists are pushing to allow a deadline exception for uninsured women who may become pregnant to be eligible for coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Kids’ Solo Playtime Unleashes ‘Free-Range’ Parenting Debate (NPR): The debate on ‘free-range’ parenting tactics continues to rise as parents argue over what teaches children independence, and what is child neglect.

First-Time Pregnant, Far From My Home Country—in Germany (Wall Street Journal): Neetha Mahadevan reflects on her experience with being pregnant in a foreign country, adapting to a different health care system, and how you can better prepare for pregnancy abroad.

4 Mistakes Parents Make at the Pediatrician’s Office (HuffPost): A pediatrician gives insight into the most common mistakes parents make during visits.

Homeopathy: A natural alternative for pregnancy & postpartum issues (Fox News): Homeopathy explained, and suggested as a possible natural alternative for health during and after pregnancy.

Parenting 101: Learning to Let Go (HuffPost): From chores to sending your child off to school, this mom describes her parenting tactic for practicing patience and staying calm during the times when parenting is far from simple.

The Touching Story Behind This Pregnant Woman’s Viral Video Hit (People): Bonnie Northsea was looking for a way to induce labor, so she set up a camera and filmed herself dancing to the Thriller choreography.