Things We’ve Read: Week of April 11th, 2016

In One Letter, A Teacher Sums Up What Test Scores Can’t (Upworthy): “The scores you will get from this test will tell you something, but they will not tell you everything.”

Does Exercise During Pregnancy Lead to Exercise-Loving Offspring (NYTimes): A growing baby’s body and DNA may be changed by the environment it experiences in the womb.

Watch This Baby’s Ridiculously Cute Reactions To Seeing His Mom Clearly For The First Time (Huff Post): This tiny tot is witnessing the world around him in focus for the very first time.

Comedy Central’s The Glass Ceiling Game Gets Way Too Real (Upworthy): Tackling the realities of workplace inequality.

For Families In Flint, A Daily Struggle To Avoid Tap Water (NYTimes): “It presents an especially daunting challenge for pregnant women and parents of young children, who absorb more lead and are especially vulnerable to the effects on their developing brains and nervous systems.”

Satirical Baby Food Brand Warns About Dangers of Gender Stereotypes (Huff Post): This new line of baby food is making a statement about harmful gender stereotypes.

Sweet Photo Series Reveals What’s In A Preschooler’s Pockets (Huff Post): See “the magic of discovery in a child’s imagination.”