The Misconception of the “Mom Badge”

You are so much more than a mom.

Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

These days, there is a lot to be said about the roles of women. We’re taking a stand for who we are and what we’re deserving of. But I have found some of these conversations tricky to navigate, knowing that a lot of people see my Mom badge before they see any others.

And yet, the role of mom encompasses so many things; I spend my days swapping between a teacher, advisor, chauffeur, chef, friend, co-worker, and yes, even butt-wiper. Although they are part of my experience as a mother, they were no doubt things I was doing before the blessed event that changed my life (well, with the exception of “butt-wiper”).

We mothers are powerful and complicated creatures. We are layered and we are complex… just like we were before we had babies...