Split Ends? We Have The Cure

Pregnancy is a time of amazing changes in the body. As hormone levels increase, even your hair can be affected, and you may find that it becomes particularly dry, resulting in breakage and split ends. While hormonal hair breakage during pregnancy might be unavoidable for some, the right hair care techniques and treatments can help restore shine and luster to your tresses! We have the 5 tricks to help you cure split ends:

1) Get Regular Trims: Moms-to-be should get their hair trimmed every four to six weeks to clean up rough ends, prevent future damage and give their hair a healthier overall look. This is also a prime opportunity to embrace a new style or add layers, both of which improve the appearance of brittle hair and can give your ‘do a voluminous boost.

2) Indulge In Deep Conditioning: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate those locks! Nine Naturals pregnancy safe, plant-based Mandarin + Ginger Restorative Conditioner nourishes damaged hair with its medley of restorative ingredients, which include organic emollients like Moroccan argan oil, shea butter and macadamia seed oil. It also contains flax seed oil and vitamin B5, both of which help prevent split ends. It works well as an everyday conditioner or a weekly mask, but either way, you’ll feel pampered.

3) Use Proper Hair Tools: Heat-intense hair tools are not your friend right now. Blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons break down the hydrogen bonds in the hair’s protective cuticle, creating damaged and fried-looking hair with each use. If you can’t live without your hair tools, avoid doing so every day, choose a low temperature setting and style quickly to keep your hair as healthy as possible. Additionally, invest in high quality haircare tools that protect your hair from additional damage like FHI Heat tools.

4) Use A Wide-Tooth Comb: After you apply conditioner in the shower, slowly run a wide-tooth comb through hair until all the tangles are out. This prevents the snaps and breakage you can incur when you try to brush out hair that is roughed up from a towel-dry.

5) Increase Folic Acid And Biotin Intake: Both of these B vitamins (folic acid and biotin) have been shown to improve hair health, length and thickness. Folic acid helps the production of red blood cells, which powers the growth of hair. Eat plenty of leafy greens, oranges, soybeans and wheat to get your boost of folic acid. Biotin, known to strengthen both hair and nails through its metabolism of fats, carbs and proteins, can be found in brown rice, lentils, peas, sunflower seeds and walnuts.


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