Nine Naturals + Preg Prep Make That Baby Series: Top Ten Tips to Get Pregnant Faster

Article is courtesy of PregPrep.

Before even becoming pregnant, many women start taking steps to prepare their bodies for pregnancy. That is why Nine Naturals is excited to partner with PregPrep in the Make That Baby Series to help bring you helpful tips and information for preparing for pregnancy.

There is nothing more exciting then the moment when you decide you are truly ready to become pregnant. Many of us have dreamt of having a child since we were children ourselves; from playacting with our baby dolls to daydreaming years in advance of the perfect names for our future children. So when many of us finally reach the time when making a family is our first priority, we may feel an overwhelming sense of urgency, an intense aching desire to achieve pregnancy as quickly as possible. But unfortunately, simply wanting to have a child is not always enough to make it happen quickly. There are many factors that need to come together for successful conception to occur. Here are the top 10 things you can do right off the bat to ensure the path is smooth for your journey to a timely pregnancy:

1. Enlist a Pro. See your OB/GYN and make sure you are in good health. Get your doc’s professional take on pregnancy and you. Rule out any fertility roadblocks in your personal health history, and find out about good prenatal options.

2. Get Time On Your Side. Track your ovulation to figure out the best time of the month to really hone in on baby making. Without a good understanding of timing, your chances of hitting the conception jackpot diminish significantly.

3. Toss The Pills. Seems obvious, but if you are on birth control you may need a few cycles to get back to regular ovulation. The sooner you ditch them, the sooner you can conceive.

4. Raise a Glass (of Water) to Your Health. Commit to a healthy diet and regular exercise. Get to a healthy weight and use your future baby as inspiration to let go of any bad habits, like smoking or overindulging in alcohol. Even too much coffee can be an impediment to fertility and healthy fetal development, so caffeine fiends should try to limit their daily intake.

5. Have Too Much of a Good Thing. Make sex fun and do it frequently, another seemingly obvious tip. But with the busy lives of many couples, keeping the ball rolling in the bedroom can often be tricky due to schedules and general exhaustion. If you need to pace yourself, target the 5-7 days leading up to ovulation for your best odds.

6. Tool Around. Women now have the opportunity to use some handy gadgets and over-the-counter tools to help pinpoint their ovulation. Ovulation predictor kits, widely sold in drugstores and online, can help you hone in on the window of opportunity for successful conception. Women with irregular cycles may find these kits especially helpful.

7. Man Up. Help your partner get informed about the things he can do to get things going, like adding zinc to his diet and keeping things cool and loose to keep his swimmers (that’s sperm, girls) strong and plentiful.

8. Hold steady. Some experts advise not getting up for 20 minutes after having sex and tilting your hips up to ensure all the sperm stays in and has a good chance of getting to the egg. While the jury’s still out on whether this really helps, many specialists in the fertility field are convinced it can offer an advantage.

9. Keep the Peace. Finding ways to reduce stress can do wonders for your overall health, and in turn help you maintain regular cycles and optimal fertility functioning. And one great side effect of diminished stress: increased happiness.

10. Team Up with Mother Nature. Take advantage of advances in nutritional health. New research has shown that by adding key nutrients to your diet, you can fine tune your body’s functions (for a variety of health purposes). PregPrep has joined this movement toward proactive health with a new kit to promote conception and a healthy pregnancy: Make That Baby (MTB).

As you prepare yourself for pregnancy, Nine Naturals knows that you are thinking about everything that you put in and on your body.  Nine Naturals is excited to offer the Nine Naturals + PregPrep Bundles, featuring Nine Naturals products of your choosing with the PregPrep Make that Baby Kit! Detoxify your beauty routine with luxurious all natural & sulfate-free products and get key nutritional support to bolster fertility and promote ideal reproductive health with physician-formulated natural supplements in the PregPrep Make That Baby Kit.