New Mom Seeks Other New Moms: How to Find and Form Your Own Mom Community

Becoming a mom is a wondrous but challenging time and the support, information and camaraderie of other moms is crucial for most women. But it can be a challenge to find that community! You’re busy with a newborn and making new friends might feel like a chore.

That’s one of the reasons we love NYC-based Kidsy, which enables new moms to use the digital social world to find community in the physical world. We sat down with Michael Tai, one of the founders of Kidsy, and he told us about the many ways that his site facilitates fun and frequent activities for new moms ready to meet each other. Here’s a story from one of the Kidsy moms … Melinda Chang.

Isolation.  That’s the word I would use to sum up my holidays last year. I was holed up in my apartment tending to a very demanding newborn.    That holiday season was spent in tears (from both me and the baby!) and I was too concerned about feeding schedules, sleep training and poopy diapers to enjoy the holiday events taking place around us.

I was the first among all my friends & family to have a baby.  While my support network was amazing, I was going nuts and desperately needed to talk to other new moms. This holiday season, I have it together (mostly!) thanks in large part to an amazing community of moms. They have taught me so much and have supported me tremendously through this tough first year.

Do yourself a favor and find a community of amazing moms in your area.  Some advice that worked for me:

1.     Get out there. Yes, it seems daunting – especially when you’re sleep deprived and barely have enough time to shower, let alone get dressed and put on makeup.  My husband had to literally push me out the door but the first time is always the hardest.  It gets easier (and more fun!) with every outing, I promise. A great first and easy step would be a breastfeeding support group, a postnatal yoga class or a daily stroll around the neighborhood for some fresh air with the baby.

2.     Be bold & speak up. As an adult, you may not have acquired a lot of new friends apart from the ones you’ve acquired from school and work.  In this new stage in life, you will probably find it easy to build bonds with other moms who are experiencing same things you are experiencing. But you have to speak up! Most moms are dying to talk about their kids and ask others about theirs so if you want to strike up a conversation with a mom, don’t be shy! Next time you walk to the coffee shop, speak to the other moms you see! As you get out more, new moms will seek you out, too.

3.     Multitask. Crave adult conversation and want to spend quality time with the little one?  The best way is at other new mommy events.  Go online and see what’s available in your area.  A mommy friend first told me about Kidsy, a site that curates unique and exclusive family activities and events.  It was a total lifesaver and, to this day, I still meet a ton of awesome like-minded moms at their super fun events.  And my little one is now making friends too.

4.     Take leadership. Do you want to test out a new music class or explore a new park, but don’t want to do it alone? Try organizing an event with friends or use social networks like Kidsy to help you organize one for you. Chances are, if you want to try something out, there are plenty of other moms out there who want to try it out too!

Happy holidays, ladies! Feel free to comment with any other tips!

Melinda Chang lives in New York City with her husband and one-year old daughter. Special offer for Nine Naturals moms: get a free trial Kidsy membership at! Kidsy is a new family concierge service that curate unique family experiences and offers personalized activity recommendations.