High Chairs for High Design

Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY.

Let your new babe fit right into your dream kitchen with these 5 fashionable baby seats.

Babies are small and beautiful and perfect. And yet most of their gear is so big and ugly and awkward! It’s like finding the best new roommate ever…who then proceeds to crowd your apartment with all her awful stuff. But for some reason, when it comes to baby, we tend to throw all of our design standards to the wind. Those jumperoos and exersaucers are short-lived, right? But high chairs? Not so much.

Since you’re going to be pulling up a chair for this little person at your table for at least a few years to come, you might as well get something you enjoy looking at even when baby’s not sitting inside. Here’s a few of our favorite high chairs that will fit into your kitchen no matter what your high design.

If your dream kitchen is modern…try a Nuna Zazz: There’s something truly lust-worthy about a modern kitchen in NYC — all that beautiful, clean space in a town where space is such a luxury. So don’t go changing it just for baby! The futuristic Nuna Zazz will get plenty of oohs and ahhs in your gorgeous modern kitchen, but this baby seat is as big on function as it is on fashion. An adjustable seat and chair height allow it to grow with your babe, while its comfy padded air-foam cushion is easy to remove and clean. And oh, modern kitchen gal, we know you love clean. $249.95

If your dream kitchen is industrial…try a bloom Fresco Chrome:  If your design aesthetic tends towards brick walls, exposed pipes and wooden beams, this bloom Fresco Chrome high chair will blend right in with the scenery. This sleek looking seat — especially in this luxe brown leather and mercury combo — has all the bells and whistles, from reclining to swiveling 360 degrees to even rolling into another room (or out of sight!). If you adjust the height to fit your counter, we swear you won’t even notice it among your barstools. $450

If your dream kitchen is eclectic…try a Monte Design Tavo: We’ve all got that friend who can put together a little bit of this and a little bit of that and make it look totally, well, put-together. If you’re that girl, Monte Design’s Tavo high chair will be just one more piece to make your visitors say, “Where did you get that?!” The contemporary design is sharp and distinctive, with a square-shaped leather seat and solid maple base. Plus, no need for a tray; the Tavo pulls right up to the table so baby can always be part of the action. $299

If your dream kitchen is retro…try a Phil & Ted’s Poppy: We’re big vintage lovers at Well Rounded NY, so a retro kitchen is our personal dream fave. Nothing makes us smile more than a dining space filled with bright pops of color and nostalgic references…nothing, that is, except a baby in Phil & Ted’s Poppy high chair. This cute and clean baby seat has an innovative aerocore seat which means lots of spongy softness and (even better!) dishwasher safeness. The best part of the Poppy though, is its super-low price, so you can spend your savings on more of that vintage we know you love too. $119.99

If your dream kitchen is country…try a Stokke Tripp Trapp: There’s something warm and inviting about a country kitchen in the big city — it’s the kind of place we can imagine sitting for hours sipping hot cocoa while baby sleeps peacefully nearby. Or eats in her Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair. This baby seat comes by way of Norway, but its sturdy beechwood frame makes it feel like it was plucked from the country woods and deposited right into our NYC kitchen. Add a minimalistic design and an ergonomic shape, and its no wonder the Tripp Trapp is beloved by babies and mamas all over town. $249.00

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