Happy Earth Day! Nine Naturals’ Favorite Earth-Friendly Tips

Happy Earth Day! As an all-natural, plant-based company, Nine Naturals not only loves moms & moms-to-be, but also Mother Earth. At Nine Naturals, we know that the products you use on your skin not only impact your health and well being, but also impacts the Earth and the environment around you. That is why our products are eco-friendly and free from artificial chemicals that could potentially harm the environment.

With Earth Day here, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite Earth friendly tips from our Nine Naturals Team!

Grace (CEO): Use products that are good for you and the environment!
  When you use products like Nine Naturals that are plant-based and formulated without artificial chemicals, you are not only protecting yourself from harmful chemicals but also ensuring that these chemicals don’t enter the environment. Next time you use a product, think of how chemicals from your shampoo or bodywash re-enter the ecosystem once you flush them down the drain. For instance, chemicals commonly found in personal care products have been found back in drinking water and nanoparticles from personal care products have been found in fish. Use products that are safe for the environment, like Nine Naturals, Dapple, Seventh Generation.

Amanda (COO): Just say no to plastic bags! They fill up landfills, damage animal ecosystems, expose our households and food to toxic chemicals, persist in the environment forever and, when the wind is blowing in NYC, blow back and forth past my window on 6th avenue (think Forrest Gump’s feather but with a dark twist). I keep a stock of reusable bags to cover any shopping trip. And I always keep a compact bag in my purse.



Valentina (Web Developer): My best earth day tip would be to GO PAPERLESS. I’ve switched to electronic banking, all my utilities are handled online, and even my magazine subscriptions are now purely online and paperless. It’s good for the environment and super convenient. You can also reduce your paper waste


Hetal (Marketing Director): If you can Walk, Walk, Walk! I’m a bit of a fitness nut and luckily live in New York, where I can walk everywhere. Not only is it good for my health and a great calorie burner, but it also brightens up my day to walk in our neighborhood in Tribeca (where the Nine Naturals offices are located) and get coffee at a local cart vendor, or go for a run in central park.  Even if you don’t live in New York, walking is a great way to run errands without using fuel or emitting chemicals into the environment.


Claire (Marketing Associate): Ditch synthetic fragrances and breathe in the good stuff! I love immersing my environment in a variety of scents but scented products like candles and sprays often contain toxic chemicals, like phthalates that are a big no-no in my house. A cheap and easy tip to make your home smell wonderful is to boil a large pot of water and add in your favorite essential oil blends. My favorite combo is Lemonpeel essential oil, Lime essential Oil, Peppermint Oil.

Happy Earth Day! What are some of your favorite earth-friendly tips?