Best Winter Movies! Whether You Have to – or Just Want to – Stay in Bed

We love a good cozy winter day, when the weather outside is frightful. And, when you’re pregnant, let’s face it – all you really want is to be on the couch in a snuggie (yes, we went there). So we don’t blame you – whether you’re pregnant or not – for foregoing a night out with friends to snuggle under a blanket and indulge in one or a few delightful winter flicks.

This winter season, Nine Naturals has put together our own list of great movies to watch while keeping warm at home. These are top pregnancy and baby movie picks, as well as a few great, cozy, romance movies that we just had to include.

Friends with Kids. It’s a group of friends everyone can relate to and a scenario we’re all familiar with – what happens to friend dynamics when kids enter the picture? In this move, two of the friends confront it with humor and genius.

Nine Months. Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore smolder in this heartwarming romantic comedy that’s perfect for a pregnant date night. Robin Williams pops in and out of the film making one hilarious crack after another.

The Kids Are All Right. Julianne Moore and Annette Bening create an amazing onscreen couple in this delightful comedy-drama. Bening in particular stands out for her character’s moving arc.

Love Actually. This is one of the best Christmas movies in our book. Think London during the holidays. This movie follows a gamut of characters and scenarios whose stories, mixed as they are, all make you feel that love actually is all around …

Away We Go. This underappreciated comedic gem will tug at your heartstrings. It stars John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph engaged on a journey to find the perfect place to raise their upcoming family.

Juno. When it comes to movies about pregnancy, this one nearly tops the list. Ellen Page’s portrayal of an independent teen dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is hilarious and riveting.

The Incredibles. Is this not Pixar’s finest film? If you disagree, you’ve probably forgotten about Holly Hunter’s super mom character, called “Elastigirl.” Her fight to give a normal life to her family, using her superhuman strength, is inspiring. Among the best mom movies around.

Waitress. This exceptional comedy-drama might just end up as one of your favorite movies about pregnancy. Keri Russell plays the titular server who creates tasty pies and grapples with an unwanted unborn child.

Four Christmases. This stands out as one of the best Christmas movies for its hilarious concept that’s not unrealistic — a couple (Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon) navigating a day of four very hectic yuletide celebrations in a row.

Junebug. Amy Adams earned an Oscar nomination for her breakout role in this, one of the sweeter movies about pregnancy. She plays a pregnant young wife who may have married her husband a bit too quickly. What’s your favorite movie to curl up with in wintertime? Let us know in the comments below.