5 Tips For Buying The Perfect Nursing Bra

As every breastfeeding mom knows, the right nursing bra will make a huge difference in the ease, comfort and privacy you feel while breastfeeding. However, not all nursing bras are created equal and finding the right nursing bra that supports and accommodates your changing body can be tricky.  Here are 5 tips to use when looking for the perfect fit.

1) Prioritize Elasticity of the Bottom Band: The bottom band of a good nursing bra should feature both stretch and recovery. Your body will change quite a bit during and after your pregnancy, so maximum stretch will ensure your nursing bra will fit from the time you purchase until you stop nursing. The lack of pressure under your bust will provide comfort, especially for moms who are prone to mastitis. Recovery of the elastic will keep the bra as supportive as it was when new.

2) Take Advantage of Removable Cups: A nursing bra with removable cups is the key to a versatile garment. The cups offer modesty and shape, while the cup pockets provide an easy place to tuck in your nursing pads. Trust us, you’ll want the pockets to help prevent those nursing pad from falling out of your bra or moving around while you are breastfeeding or sleeping at night.

3) Beware of Your Colors: White and brightly colored nursing bras often use optical whiteners and bleach. There may be heavy traces of fluorescents on the garment if it’s not diligently washed prior to hitting the shelfs. Err on the side of caution and purchase neutral or dark colored nursing bras from reputable companies that ensure color fastness. These companies will wash the dark garments repeatedly to get rid of any excess dye or chemicals, ensuring that the fabric is safer for you and your little one.

4) Opt for Cross-over Design: A nursing bra that features a crossover design in the front allows for easy access and convenience when breastfeeding your little one. Similar to a sports bra, cross-over design on the back will offer the nursing mom support as her breast size fluctuates throughout the day and night.

5) Seek Wide Shoulder Straps: Wide, non-slip shoulder straps are critical in providing support and comfort when breastfeeding without being too restricting. No one likes bra straps that slip off the shoulder, so wider straps on a well-fitted bra will keep it properly positioned on the body.

At Nine Naturals, we love the Au Lait Seamless Lounge Nursing Bra. It comes in black and nude, ensuring no residual chemicals or dyes. With no clips or buttons, the transition between breastfeeding and regular wear is simple and convenient. You’ll love the comfort and support it provides!