Things We've Read: Week of Nov. 6th, 2017

You're Doomed To Be A Helicopter Parent — But It's Not Your Fault (Refinery29): "We are raising different kids in different times, and — yeah, I’ll say it — it’s harder, and scarier, and it’s making us all a little nuts."

The Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2017 (NY Times): The Times and NYPL recognizing the best in children’s literature this year. 

Baking Soda Washes Pesticides From Apples (C&EN): A new study finds that a baking soda wash can remove residues of two pesticides from the surface of apples. 

App Time For Nap Time: The Parennials Are Here (NY Times): Millennial parents — “parennials” — are challenging all sorts of commonly held beliefs about the American family.