Things We've Read: Week of Nov. 13th, 2017

Did You Ever Notice This About The Clothes You Grew Up Wearing? (Refinery29): "From Wal-Mart to Saks Fifth Avenue, inventory in boys’ and girls’ sections isn’t merely gendered by color, cartoon characters, or expectations of average sizes. It’s separated by the decorative food motifs based on which are deemed masculine or feminine."

Where Are All The Nannies On Instagram? (NY Times): "Lifting the veil of secrecy and posting more about nannies on Instagram and Facebook would be a new way to value them, while also getting real with other parents about what it takes for working moms and dads to juggle it all."

Have You Been Rubbing Microplastics On Your Face Or Brushing Your Children's Teeth In Them? (Cambridge Independent): The danger of microbeads and plastics in beauty products and the importance of knowing what's in your products!

Even at 36,000 Feet Deep, Ocean Creatures Have Plastic in Their Guts (Live Science): No spot in the ocean has escaped the rain of plastic pollution. Not even the bottom of the Mariana Trench.