Things We've Read: Week of May 15th, 2017

Why Should Men Pay For Maternity Care? This Woman's Op-Ed Nails It (Upworthy): 'It's called democracy, a civil society, the greater good. That's what we pay for.'

The Gender Pay Gap Is Largely Because Of Motherhood (NY Times): "According to data, college-educated women make about 90 percent as much as men at age 25 and about 55 percent as much at age 45."

29 Gorgeous Photos That Celebrate The Many Ways Women Become Moms (Huff Post): For Mother's Day this past weekend--Happy Mother's Day!

To Raise Better Kids, Say No (NY Times): "When we always yield to our children's wants, we rob them of the opportunity to find solutions by adapting what they already have."

Adorable Dancing Toddler Knows Exactly When The Beat’s About To Drop (Huff Post): “Don’t believe me, just watch.”

Michelle Obama Thinks Food Companies Need To Give Moms More Credit (Refinery29): "Food companies that try to hide how much added sugar is actually in a product aren't giving moms enough credit — that they couldn't handle knowing what went into their food — and that they're trying to 'keep families ignorant.'"