Things We've Read: Week of Jun 26th, 2017

Why A Baby's Connection With A Parent Matters (NY Times): "What attachment provides is a secure base for a child to move away from and explore the world, and a haven of safety to move back to when the world is too stressful."

29 Adorable Photos Of Babies Who Already Love Harry Potter (Huff Post): In honor of the series’ 20th anniversary, it's never too early to pass down the fandom. 

Infant Overheats On Delayed United Flight In Colorado (CNBC): A delayed United Airlines flight on Thursday led to a four-month-old being hospitalized from overheating.

Can A Tech Start-Up Successfully Educate Children In The Developing World? (NY Times): "Bridge International Academies--a chain of inexpensive private schools--has ambitious plans to revolutionize education for poor children. But can its for-profit model work in some of the most impoverished places on Earth?"