Things We've Read: Week of Jun 12th, 2017

Losing Fat, Gaining Brain Power, On The Playground (NY Times): More broadly, the study suggests that getting children to run around won't just enhance their bodies--it might also improve their report cards. 

Wonder Woman's Director Tweeted The Best Thank-You Note From A Kindergarten Teacher (Upworthy): 11 ways the movie has already created a new culture in the classroom.

The Surprising, Controversial Story Behind Father's Day (Refinery29): And once upon a time, lots of the country's dads were opposed to it.

Working Mom Makes Awesome Edits To Daughter’s Sexist Homework (Huff Post): " I mean, what decade are we in, anyway? In this day and age, we’re going to tell kids that mothers working outside the home makes their children and families unhappy?"

Finland's New, Weird School Courses Say A Lot About How We Teach Our Kids (Upworthy): "I don't know if you've noticed this, but there is no such job as 'math.'" 

Pregnancy's Deadly Itch (Jezebel): One mom's experience with cholestasis.