Things We've Read: Week of Jan. 30th, 2017

Will Working Moms Be Pumping On Toilets Again Thanks To Trumpcare? (Refinery29): Under the Affordable Care Act, women were guaranteed the time and space to pump breast milk at their place of employment.

How Sesame Street Explains The Toughest Parts Of Life (Fast Company): Sesame Street bravely goes where other kids' media companies don't, and tackles issues like AIDS, autism, and incarceration.

Being The Voice In Your Child's Head (NY Times): "We have to start from the idea that eventually our children are going to be adult players. We want them to get there, and to get there with enough good sense--and enough fine sensibility--that they use their adult powers wisely. 

Jimmy Fallon, Judd Apatow And Keanu Reeves Perform Stand-Up Written By Kids (Huff Post): Kids say the darndest things ... and they write the darndest jokes too.

The Wrong Way To Speak To Children (WSJ): Parents often use phrases like ‘Good job!’ and ‘Say thank you’ when they talk to their children. But what do those phrases really mean?

A Dangerous Parenting Fad (Huff Post): One writer's response to the article "The Wrong To Speak To Children".