Things We've Read: Week of Jan. 2nd, 2018

These Toxic Chemicals Are Everywhere. And They Won't Ever Go Away. (Wash Post): "They say nothing lasts forever. Nothing, that is, except a group of toxic chemicals that may be associated with testicular cancer, kidney cancerhigh cholesterol and suppression of vaccine effectiveness in children."

Historic Church To Be New Home For Children's Museum Of Manhattan (NY Times): Since it opened as a grass-roots organization in 1973, more than a generation of young visitors have explored its exhibitions--on everything from bodily functions to the nuances of Japanese culture.

A Cute Toy Just Brought A Hacker Into Your Home (NY Times): Once anything is online, it is potentially exposed to hackers, who look for weaknesses to gain access to digitally connected devices. 

Pixar Just Revealed Scrapped Ideas From Their Movies (Fast Company): A highlight of what could have been.