Things We’ve Read: Week of Sep. 2nd, 2013

Home Births on the Rise for New York Families: Gabrielle Birkner from the NY Times addresses the rise of home births by 50% between 2004-2011. The increase in NY has been more dramatic, up 71% in the same time period. Overall home births still only comprise 1% of total deliveries nationwide, but some experts believe this trend will continue to rise as women look for alternatives to “unnecessary hospital interventions.”

Blogpost by Shane Raiser: A touching note from a papa-to-be to his future child

Infertility Less Likely in Women with Children: Motherlode (NYTimes) columnist Hope Reeves writes about the fascinating and surprisingly complex data and rationale behind what most of the public deems simply “intuitive.” We highly recommend this read.

Shampoos Still Contain Carcinogens: The San Francisco Chronicle’s Stephanie M. Lee reports on an Oakland watch dog group, Center for Environmental Health, which is suing four major corporations for allegedly manufacturing or selling shampoo and other personal care products that contain carcinogens.