Things We’ve Read: Week of Sept. 23rd, 2013

How a Pregnant Woman’s Choice Could Shape a Child’s Health (NPR): Epigenetics, the study of what turns genes on and off in a cell, explain why chemical toxins, tobacco, alcohol and stress can cause fetal harm.

Safer Products: Talk is Cheap, Resistance Futile ( Major industry conventions and conferences are confronting the topic of toxins and how to eliminate them; Walmart becomes a leader in the effort.

New Study Suggests “Universal Fetal Exposure” to BPA (Environmental Health News): A California study testing the presence of BPA in cord blood finds evidence of BPA in 100% of samples in the test.

Environmental Chemicals Harm Reproductive Health (ACOG): ACOG & ASRM officially warn of the dangerous impact of environmental toxins during pregnancy and advise healthcare providers to educate their patients on why and how to avoid these toxins.

Pregnant Weight Lifter Stirs Debate (NYTimes): Images of an 8-month pregnant Crossfit trainer piques strong opinions about strenuous fitness during pregnancy.