Things We’ve Read: Week of Nov. 3rd, 2014

The Payoff for Strict Parenting (The Washington Post): As the topic of parenting styles ensues, one writer expresses why “helicopter parenting” should be appreciated for the results it often brings.

Should I Become a Parent Again? (HuffPost): A father writes on the thoughts that come with questioning whether or not it’s the right time, or if there’s still time to expand the family.

Parenting and Heart Attacks (The New York Times): A mother of three young children recounts the difficulties she experienced as a parent soon after suffering a heart attack.

Olivia Wilde: Motherhood Has Taught Me Selflessness (People Magazine): The actress talks her new role as a mother, how it has made her more aware of her place in the world and how she takes the position more seriously now.

16 Uplifting Quotes for Your Hardest Parenting Days (P&G Everyday): A list of funny and relatable quotes on the challenges of parenting.

Meet The Working Mother Taking Her Pregnancy Discrimination Case To The Supreme Court (HuffPost): Seven years ago, Peggy Young was put on unpaid leave after becoming pregnant. Now, she’s challenging the case against UPS all the way to the Supreme Court.

Pregnancy Lifestyle Influences Gestational Diabetes Risk (National Institute of Health): Studies are finding that health prior to pregnancy can greater prevent the development of diabetes during pregnancy.

The Workout: Running While Pregnant (The New York Times): A look into the lives and workout routines of athlete moms who train during pregnancy.

Pregnant Mom Sings About The Woes Of Being So Far Along (San Francisco Globe): Mom does a hilarious cover and video of Iggy Azalea’s song “Fancy” – pregnancy edition.