Things We’ve Read: Week of Nov. 17th, 2014

This Couple Tricked Everyone Into Being in Their Pregnancy Announcement (TIME): Watch as Katharine and Kris Camilli capture a compilation of immediate, genuine reactions from their friends and family upon announcing that they’re expecting.

Meet a Woman Who Adopted Her Daughter – as an Embryo (PEOPLE): Liz and Kevin Krainman chose a different path to parenthood in the way of “embryo adoption,” where their daughter Sammy was adopted from another couple’s 2006 IVF cycle.

Coming to terms with comments on pregnancy weight gain (LA Times): A writer delves into the pressures, thoughts and emotions she has experienced during the changes of pregnancy.

Why You Should Never Touch a Receipt With Clean Hands (Yahoo Health): Why BPA is used in receipts and how wet hands could be allowing the dangerous chemical into your bloodstream.

What My Daughter’s Deadly Allergies Have Taught Me About Parenting (HuffPost): How having a daughter with a deadly disease makes one mother appreciate the fragility of life and feels that providing her daughter with a “good enough childhood” is actually a great thing.

42 Weeks Of Pregnancy Captured In One Very Eventful Time-Lapse (HuffPost): An adorable video capturing one couple’s pregnancy in a span of one minute!

What You Can Do to Prevent Premature Birth (U.S. News & World Report): Causes of preterm births and actions you can take in prevention of going into preterm labor.

In Loving Memory of a Moment Alone (HuffPost): A mom’s funny struggle to recall when she last had alone time, which leads her to find the silver lining: “At least I’m never lonely.”

Being a Father Is Good for Your Career, but Don’t Get Carried Away (New York Times): A look into the reaction toward fathers on paternity leave, and how it changes the dynamic with their coworkers and employers.