Things We’ve Read: Week of Jan. 6th, 2014

3 Under 3: (New Yorker): Whatever your expectations of your unborn child … raise them.

Higher vitamin D levels in pregnancy could help babies become stronger: (University of Southhampton): Children are likely to have stronger muscles if their mothers had a higher level of vitamin D in their body during pregnancy

New Mom’s Uncensored Photos Reveal The Beautiful, Messy Reality Of Home Birth (HuffPo): A must-read. Not just for the photos. For the thorough and honest narration.

Copying Other Cultures: A Questionable Parenting Strategy (NY Magazine):Great article about about taking parenting trends from other cultures, particularly the problems citing of more “authentic” cultures as automatically more knowledgeable about babies.

Experts recommend universal diabetes testing for pregnant women at first prenatal visit (The Amalgest): As many as one in five women may develop gestational diabetes – a form of diabetes that has its onset during pregnancy. Experts say the test should be done before 13 weeks’ gestation or as soon as possible thereafter.

EWG’s 2013 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in  (EWG): The Environmental Working Group makes it easy for you to eat fruits and vegetables. Fearelessly. This report outlines the foods you should buy organic and the foods that are aok to buy conventionally grown.