Things We’ve Read: Week of Feb. 3rd, 2014

What This Guy Does With Other People’s Babies Shocked Me. And Not In A Way You’d Think (Viral Nova): A South Korean pastor asks people to place their unwanted children in the box instead of dumping them on the street or in the trash

As Peanut Allergies Rise, Trying to Determine a Cause (NYTimes): An excellent summary of the current research on peanut allergies in children.

Solidarity in Pregnancy (HuffPo Parents): Pregnancy brings a surprising sense of solidarity with other pregnant women, whether they are pregnant women in war zones or pregnant women on the red carpet.

The science of baby-making still a mystery for many women (Yale): A new study brings to the forefront gaps in women’s knowledge about their reproductive health, and on the other, highlights women’s concerns that are often not discussed with health providers.

Under Pressure (NYTimes): How parent evolved from managing employees to reporting to bosses.