Things We’ve Read: Week of Dec. 15th, 2014

Mom’s Toilet Paper Pregnancy Craving Explained by Doctor (Yahoo Parenting): One mom’s peculiar pregnancy craving of nibbling toilet paper has become an obsession with major health risks.

FDA Issues New Labeling Rules for Drug Information to Benefit Pregnant, Breastfeeding Women (NABP): Prescription drugs will now require labeling to clarify how medications might affect expecting or breastfeeding moms.

Pregnant women should avoid these household products (Quartz): How interaction with certain everyday products containing harmful chemicals can affect the IQ of a growing fetus.

New Study Will Make You Question Using Beauty Products While Pregnant (Yahoo Beauty): More evidence of the array of problems harmful chemicals in beauty products can cause fetuses, and why expecting moms should opt for natural and organic products while pregnant.

Are Midwives Safer Than Doctors? (The New York Times): A clinical assessment by Britain’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence discusses the assistance of certified nurse midwives in low-risk pregnancies, compares midwifery practices and techniques to that of obstetricians, and explains how midwifery could influence the American healthcare system.

Paid Maternity Leave Is Good for Business (The Wall Street Journal): The CEO of YouTube discusses her experiences with maternity leave throughout her career, and how implementing paid maternity leave into a business can ultimately save a company time and money.

Whooping Cough Vaccine During Pregnancy (WebMD Blogs): An explanation behind what Whooping Cough is, why it’s so dangerous for babies, and why expecting moms should be vaccinated during pregnancy.

Smog Exposure During Pregnancy Linked to Autism Risk (U.S. News & World Report): A study finds additional evidence to more confidently suggest air pollution as a risk factor for growing fetuses.

FDA Discourages Unnecessary ‘Keepsake’ Ultrasounds During Pregnancy (HuffPost): The FDA gives reason as to why the new trend of Ultrasound Parties should not be done in excess during pregnancy, as well as explaining how crucial it is that a medically trained professional be operating such equipment.

9 Best Quotes About Motherhood by New, A-List Moms (Entertainment Tonight): Quotes from new celebrity moms on the joy, chaos, and overwhelming love that comes with motherhood.