The Baby Bath Ritual

Household Mag’s founder reflects on the emotions of her baby’s bath.

Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

It took awhile for Owen’s umbilical cord to heal so bath time was delayed in our household. While his belly button healed, we gave him sponge baths at his changing table, and after the healing process was complete, we finally started with actual baths. Bath time, initially, wasn’t his thing. Over time, it slowly changed. He became familiar with the water and saw that he was safe in his little tub.

I’ve noticed through bathing, more than any other activity, how much of his emotions are easily swayed by myself or his dad. If I am happy and upbeat about bathing, a smile comes across his face. And if I give in to his lack of enjoyment, he will only continue down that road.

I’ve started realizing just how much of an influence I have on Owen, and we all have on our babies. It’s the part of parenting that is the most exciting… and the most terrifying. You are guiding their experiences constantly at this age. And while babies aren’t necessarily retaining specific memories, you are able to begin to create a sense of comfort or familiarity associated with bath time, or eating, or sleeping, or anything. They’re all so simple, but also essential.