Nine Naturals Ingredient Story: Brassica Oleracea Italica (Broccoli) Seed Oil

At Nine Naturals, we’re on a mission to make beauty simple, smart and safe for moms and moms-to-be. Integral to that is understanding our ingredients’ science and benefits. Today’s Nine Naturals Ingredient Story featuring Broccoli Seed Oil is part of an ongoing series featuring the natural, plant-based ingredients behind our high performance beauty products.

Broccoli Seed oil, pressed from the seeds of the broccoli plant—yes, the cruciferous vegetable you enjoy with your dinner—has recently gained popularity in the cosmetics and personal care industries as a wonderful emollient and natural alternative to silicones. Siloxanes appear in most mainstream skincare, sunscreen, and deodorant products but have been repeatedly flagged as endocrine inhibitors and bioaccumulative toxins. In lab experiments, they have been shown to harm the nervous, immune and reproductive systems, even causing uterine tumors. Silicones may interfere with hormone balances, too, which can negatively impact fertility. Because they can build up in your system over time, it’s crucial to protect yourself from these toxins, especially before and during pregnancy.

The Science and Extraction of Broccoli Seed Oil

Cold pressed from the seeds of the Brassica Oleracea Italica plant, this pale green oil is pure, extra virgin, unrefined, and boasts natural oxidative stability thanks to its rich fatty acid profile. It gushes with erucic acid—itself loaded with healthy omega 9’s.The oil’s unique combination of essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidants makes it ideal in natural skincare and haircare, where it functions much like synthetic silicones—moisturizing, protecting and stabilizing—without interfering with your body’s natural hormone balances or harming your reproductive health. What’s more, broccoli seed oil offers additional benefits, many of which are still being discovered; not only does this natural marvel nourish and soothe skin and hair, but studies indicate it contains cancer-fighting properties as well.  

Broccoli Seed Oil’s Benefits for Skin and Hair Care

Broccoli seed oil is a naturally anti-inflammatory, as well as highly emollient without being greasy, making it an ideal, deep moisturizer for skin and hair. Its quick penetrating properties hydrate skin, and provide lasting free-radical damage protection. The oil’s erucic acid content beautifully replaces (and outshines) silicones in shampoos and conditioners, imparting lasting sheen and luster to hair without leaving a greasy feeling behind.

Why Nine Naturals Loves Broccoli Seed Oil
Broccoli Seed Oil’s natural stability and powerful moisturizing and protective properties make it an ideal product in our skincare and haircare lines.  Reap its full range of benefits in our Vanilla + Geranium Regenerative Belly Butter, Unscented Moisturizing Body Cream, Citrus + Mint Nourishing Conditioner and Mandarin + Ginger Restorative Conditioner.