Nine Naturals’ Ingredient List Recommended by YouBeauty

According to Nine Naturals founder, Grace Lee, the average woman uses 12 beauty products a day, exposing herself to around 168 different ingredients–not a small number!

It is important to know what you put in and on your body, that’s why Nine Naturals’ mission has always been about educating moms-to-be on how to achieve a non-toxic pregnancy, avoiding lurking toxins in showers or opting for all-natural aluminum-free deodorant. We not only guarantee that our ingredients are purely derived from plants but also especially catered for a safe pregnancy. Just check out of ingredient glossary, which boasts pronounceable, high-quality ingredients from plant-based oils to exotic fruit butters.

YouBeauty agrees. This week’s Daily Aha! said, “There’s no single, agreed-upon definition of “natural” in the beauty industry – so how do you know if your natural products are legit? When checking out labels, it may be helpful to refer to Nine Naturals’ ingredients list, which was developed to explain each of their natural ingredients, what it does, and what it’s made of.” It also warned us to be smart. According to YouBeauty, not all natural products are good for you–“Soy is natural, but there have also been studies showing soy may also have an impact on hormones”–and not all natural beauty companies can afford a certification seal. Read more…