How to Properly Secure Your Baby in a Car Seat: The 5 Videos Every Parent Should Watch To Keep Their Baby Safe in the Car

If you’ve ever sat down to try and read a car seat manual, you’ll easily understand the value of videos that will not only demonstrate how best to use a car seat but also synthesize the most important information that parents should know.

The Car Seat Lady, Alisa Baer, shared with us five videos to answer the most asked questions by expecting and new parents.

 How to Properly Buckle Your Baby into the Car Seat

This video provides instructions on how to secure the baby properly into the car seat, including making sure that the baby isn’t slumping and tricks to properly tighten the car seat straps. Have you ever wondered how to know if the straps are tight enough? Or what the correct position is for the chest clip? (If you don’t know what a chest clip is, you definitely should watch this video!)

 Tricks to Calm the Baby Once They’re Buckled In and Ensuring that Your Baby’s Head is Properly Positioned

A lot of babies will fuss when you put them in the car seat. Did you know you can swaddle the baby OVER the straps? Great tips from the Car Seat Lady to help soothe your baby in the car seat, without interfering with the safety functions of the car seat.

 How to Use Car Seat Padding and Inserts

Your car seat may come with padding and inserts. Do you need to use these to ensure the baby is safe? Could these padding and inserts actually impede the proper positioning of the baby in the car seat? This video explains when to use and NOT to use car seat accessories.


 Car Seat Accessories: What’s OK and What’s Not

Think twice when you buy cute pillows, fleece bunting blankets or other accessories that are sold separately from the car seat. Did you know that these accessories are not crash-tested for safety?

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Alisa is a NYC pediatrician and nationally certified child passenger safety instructor best known as The Car Seat Lady.  With 15 years experience as The Car Seat Lady, she has helped families install more than 10,000 car seats. Follow her on Facebook and on her blog!